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Apple was nice and approved our update much faster than anticipated.  Please update your app to v0.5.1 for the following benefits:

  • Easily import content into a Jive document via "open in" from other applications.  For example, if you open a PDF or XLS from Box or Mail and tap the icon in the upper right you'll see the "Open in Jive" option.  Selecting that will import the file into a Jive document as an attachment.
  • Enabled the ability to resize images when editing content.  From Edit/Create mode just tap the image, tap and hold any of the blue dots framing the image, and drag your finger to resize.  You can also tap & hold the entire image to move it to a new location.
  • Images in status updates are now displayed inline.  Multiple images are shown in a filmstrip-like design which scrolls when the horizontal limit is reached.
  • Fixed issues preventing the download of certain file types.
  • Numerous performance improvements and bug fixes.


Here's the App Store link: Jive Software for iPad on the iTunes App Store

Last June or so Jive made a big bet on the iPad.  It began with The specified item was not found., an app focused on sales enablement, and today continues with the first release of a native Jive iPad app!  The mandate for this effort is to ultimately deliver the full Jive experience.  In essence, the new way to work on the new device for work.

What did we build?


  • It started with an SDK.  We have a great set of APIs which provides the underpinnings for everything we do on the client side.  Since we were starting from scratch, we took the time to build an iOS SDK as the basis for it both for our own benefit and as something we can open source.  It's going out on GitHub and will be promoted on Jive Developers: Home soon!
  • The Design team took a decidedly user-centric approach.  Since people often use their iPad for a mix of business and personal use, we wanted to stress the "it's all about you" aspects.  It starts with the "Me" page with all of your streams, content, people, and places in one central place and will evolve into personalization down the road.
  • We also believe in not re-inventing the wheel, especially the beautiful ones in iOS, so we incorporated many of iOS's common elements into our app.  For example, our Inbox functions much like Mail on the iPad with the familiar controls for editing and toggling read state.  This was done thoughtfully to make the app intuitive and recognizable: Jive's core constructs + iOS's interactions makes for a happy marriage.
  • We also made it a goal to not just be an app for consumption.  It must be great at creating content too.  To that end we wrote an RTE for inline mentioning of people/places/content, content editing, and basic formatting.
  • More info in Using Jive for iPad


Who can use it? 

  • Jive Cloud customers and anyone (hosted and on-prem) running at least 6.0.1.
  • This app does not depend on a cloud service.  It is merely a native app which connects directly to the instance via our APIs.
  • NOTE:  SSO is not supported yet (SAML will be coming by end of quarter).  The connected Jive instance must allow for basic auth where the username/password is sent over SSL for authentication.


What makes it a beta?

  • The beta designation was chosen for a few key reasons.
    1. It is the first release and while we're quite proud of it we do need to polish up the edges.  That means that you may run into more bugs than you would typically expect.
    2. We don't support SSO yet.  Customers must allow basic auth to use the app.  We are working on our SAML support now as that is a key component of reaching the v1.0 designation.
    3. We removed some features from the first release in order to stay true to minimally viable product principles.  For example, blog post creation is not yet supported but will be soon.


How do we get it?  Two ways:itunes.png

  • Download from the app store.  We intend to ship an update to it 1-2x per month.
  • I will post the app binary to the JC in the Jive for Mobile space.  This is a new mode of distribution we have been testing with some customers who have internal enterprise app stores.  The benefit is it allows the app icon to be branded and enables distribution via an internal app management system.  Going forward, I will be updating the app in the JC on a quarterly basis.


What's coming next?  Some highlights:

  • By the end of next week
    • We already have an update in the queue for Apple to approve.  Tons of bug fixes and performance improvements.
    • The ability to upload content from other apps into Jive.
  • End of May
    • Insert images into status updates.
  • End of Q2
    • SAML SSO
    • Blog creation
  • By Jive 7
    • Push notifications


PLEASE use the app and give feedback!