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If you're wondering when you should use the Jive Daily app instead of mobile responsive web (or vice versa), it's important to understand that a native app and responsive web are created with different goals. The goal behind responsive web is to provide the features available on the desktop web, but presented in a way that works for a smaller screen. The goal behind a native app is to provide the most critical features for mobile use. The native app's purpose is not to provide the breadth of the web product, but to provide the key features that really count on mobile. Given the small screen, simplicity of the interface and access to critical functionality in as less taps as possible is key.


Comparison between Jive-n Responsive Web and the Jive Daily mobile app:

FeatureResponsive Web
Jive Daily
LoginMust login each time browser is closedLogin is remembered
HomeIf the instance has the widget-based home page enabled, there is a dedicated tile-based mobile home page that can be configuredDefault "News Highlights" stream contains content from web home (no tiles/widgets)
NavigationNavigation follows what has been set up in the theming tool for the instance
  • News
  • Inbox
  • Create
  • Find
  • Profile
  • See all or unread
  • Mark as read/un-read
  • See all or unread
  • Mark as read/un-read
  • Contains a snippet of the content
  • Content types:
    • Question
    • Discussion
    • Blog Post
    • Document
    • Poll
    • Status Update
    • Message
    • Event
    • Idea
  • Advanced Options (tags, restrictions)
  • Save as a Draft
  • Content types:
    • Question
    • Discussion
    • Document
    • Status Update
    • Message
    • Image
    • Video
EditEdit own content and commentsEdit own content and comments
  • Content
  • People
  • Places
  • Content
  • People
  • Places
PlacesTabs and tiles from web, including banner tiles and excluding HTML tiles
  • Key tabs (Activity, Content, People)
  • Key list tiles (Featured Content, Key Content and Places, Finalized Content, Recent Decisions, Top Participants, Leaderboard
  • All elements from web profile page including content and places
  • Key contact information (email, phone number, title, department, avatar)
  • Posts (content created)
  • Followers
  • Following
Social actions
  • Like
  • Comment
  • Mark as helpful
  • Like
  • Comment
Push notificationsNoneYes, configurable
CommentsPaginatedContinual loading on same screen
Content reading
  • Streams
  • Alerts shown (information, warning, etc.)
  • Recommended content
  • Related content
  • Incoming links


Share from mobile browserNot availableAble to share content from mobile web browser into app


Advantages of responsive web over the Jive Daily app include access to more items on Places and homepages, including all tiles (except HTML tiles, which are not supported on mobile at all due to variability). Also, if access to features not supported in the app are required (for example, advanced options in content creation, creating polls and events, etc.), the user can use responsive web.


The advantages of Jive Daily over responsive web include a user interface and design that iOS and Android users have come to expect from mobile apps. With the app, users can receive push notifications, immediately scan through streams upon opening the app, quickly access a more actionable inbox, and have an easier, faster entry into the community for frequent use.

Jive-n cloud customers can now pull Jive Daily usage metrics using the Data Export Service. For a guide, see How To: Use the Data Export Service API Explorer | Jive Community


Here are examples of items that can be pulled:

Activity filter











Views of documents

Views of discussions

Views of ideas

Views of events

Views of polls

Views of videos

Views of questions

Views of announcements

Views of status updates


Likes of documents*


Likes of comments and replies

ACTIVITY_CONTENT_OR_PLACES_SEARCHSearch of content or places
ACTIVITY_VIEW_USERViews of profiles
ACTIVITY_LOGIN_USERNumber of users that have logged in

* Change the content type at the end of the activity filter to see the activity by that content type.

Views of the news feed and inbox are not currently available but are being requested.


Under the "Web.UserAgent" column, any activity attributed to Jive Daily will show up with the iOS or Android version.

Mobile AppOSUserAgent (or similar)
Jive DailyiOS

format:      jive-daily/<semantic version> ios

examplejive-daily/2.7.0 ios


format:      jive-daily/<semantic version> android

examplejive-daily/2.7.0 android

Jive Mobile (v3/v4)iOS

format:      jive-ios-core/<bundle version> (<device model>; iOS <system version>; Scale <mainScreen scale>)

example:  jive-ios-core/999999999 (iPhone Simulator; iOS 8.1; Scale/2.00)

Androidjive-android-core  (always this value)


The Web.UserAgent can also be used to determine traffic from mobile responsive web by filtering views that are not from Jive Daily or Jive Mobile but come from the phone.


We are working on providing a user interface for mobile community analytics in a future cloud release.