Hi Jive Chime Users,


We want to provide an update on Jive Chime and our team-messaging strategy moving forward.

As you know, we launched Jive Chime in mid-2015 and have seen good adoption for both our free and paid versions of the application. But what has became even more obvious since launching is the need to incorporate this functionality directly into Jive-n, our leading Interactive Intranet solution.  We have since launched Jive Chime capabilities within Jive-n. 

Even more so, we are currently evaluating and actively looking at how to take Jive Chime offering forward as we innovate on our overall Interactive Intranet solution.


With the focus on this deeper integration with Jive-n, Jive Chime application will no longer be sold as a stand-alone version (Free and Paid).


I encourage you and your team to learn more about our Interactive Intranet solution and bring more value to your business: Jive-n: Interactive Social Intranet Software. We can walk you through a live demo and give you access for a private trial instance.


If you have any question, please send them our way and we will get back to you.


Thanks for being a valued customer,


Gili Guri-Mill

Dir. Product Marketing, Jive