• Jive mobile native app API error codes

    We've launched a pilot of Jive native app on iOS devices and found that the sessions are terminated abnormally, following a network lost or inactivity timeout at our gateway, with this error:     We've ra...
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  • Icons are confusing on mobile app and the site

    We have some users who are, reasonably, getting confused, when using Jive on iOS or Android.   This is the icon to share content on Jive:   This is the icon to reply on Jive app (iOS): With this at th...
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  • How do I answer a poll or vote on an idea using iOS native app ?

    Hello,   looking at the native app which looks great, we do not find all the types of content and especially we are missing the poll and idea type of content... Is it normal ? is there any plan to support this ...
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  • Latest Mobile News from Jive

    Jive is pleased to announce several significant updates for our mobile offering:   All new Android 3.0 Jive has released an entirely new Android app targeted at desk-less workers to ensure they can access corpora...
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    created by wim.stoop
  • Jive for iPad v0.5.2 is now available!

    Continuing the evolution of Jive for iPad beta, we have a new version now available from the App Store. This update introduces significant new functionality to further our mission to make the iPad the best enterprise ...
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  • Reason for omitting Follow feature from native applications?

    Hi, We're in process of qualifying the native application for iOS (to work with our enterprise Jive 6 backend). We found that the Follow feature is not available at all. Looking at the Jive Mobile Product Comparison ...
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  • Jive Mobile App Authentication

    I have successfully integrated the Jive mobile app into our SSO framework and had a question about how the IOS app authenticates.   While debugging the our security filter, I noticed that an oAuth key gets sent ...
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  • Authentication for Jive 7 and Jive Cloud Mobile with Mobile 3

    Earlier Implementations and Their Limitations Options for Authenticating with Mobile Apps SAML SSO Configuring SAML SSO with Mobile Standard OAuth Configuring Standard OAuth with Mobile Activity-...
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  • Jive for Mobile FAQ - Android and iOS update

    This FAQ is linked to the blog Latest Mobile News from Jive announcing our new mobile capabilities. If you have any further questions, please add them as comments below and we will include them, with answers ofcourse!...
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  • Disable shake to send feedback on iOS

    Hi all,   Is there a way to disable shake gesture on the iPhone? Google Maps on iOS allow users to disable (see below), but the JIVE app doesn't seem to have this option.   Thanks, Christine
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  • Join group from JIVE iOS mobile app

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how can we request to join a group or accept invitation to join group with Jive iOS mobile app. Anyone know how to it ?     Thank you, Sarayu
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  • Security PIN for jive mobile app

    Hi Anuj, Next week we are upgrading from jive 6.0.4 to jive Finally we will be able to utilize the new iOS and android apps.   In jive 7, we have facility to enable oauth for mobile apps. So now user...
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  • Which URL schemes does Jive for Mobile support?

    Anuj Verma and all,   I'm a big fan of Launch Center Pro on my iPhone, which I use for task automation. The app supports hundreds of third-party apps and actions using URL schemes, such as launching Google Maps ...
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  • Is it possible to embed a video in a document using iPhone Jive App v3.0.x ?

    Hi,   We are using v3.0.3 iPhone app for accessing a Jive 7 site. However when we create a document using the app and click on camera icon then we get options to only either click a photo or choose an existing p...
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  • Is anyone using the Good Dynamics browser and has successfully wrapped the Jive Mobile binary app?

    We can't get this to work and have been running in circles with Jive support and Good support. Both are saying that it is not support but it should work and other people have gotten it to work.
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  • Admin Console Access via Mobile Site or App

    Would it be feasible to allow for admin console access via the mobile site or apps?
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  • Ghost Notifications

    A few of us occasionally receive a ghost notification on our iPhones: we see the notification, click through but there's no new discussion reply or blog post comment. It seems to be happening more frequently over the ...
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  • How can you add tags to created content in the latest Jive Mobile app

    We recently migrated to Jive 7 cloud and are piloting the new Jive mobile app. I was developing some online guides for our VPs using iPads with the app and hit an issue. We have some of them setup to blog with a speci...
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  • Are jive apps available in mobile apps (Smartphone / Tablet) ?

    Hi,   We are to build some apps next year and i would like to know if we can access apps from the mobile applications (smartphone/tablet) ?   Use case could be : On going discussion on Jive Someone add a...
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  • Why can't I view my support cases or their activity on my mobile device?

    All of my inbox activity is hidden for my private support group, and the group itself doesn't have any information about open support cases. Is there a plan to include the support case model/views in the mobile interf...
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