• Mobile App for Windows 8 phones and tablets

    We have a push from a department to go Win8 tablet ASAP they are looking for workflow solutions.  Will Jive support mobile on Win8 and what will that look like?   We're seeing more departments move away fr...
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  • Joining a group via Mobile App

    I was invited to join a group / place.  I see the invitation in Inbox\Notifications via web app, but I do not see a way to accept it or join the group via Jive Mobile app.    Is this feature not avail...
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  • Test plan

    I'm looking for a Jive test plan for iOS and Android platforms/devices
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    created by aha
  • Tracking the Jive Mobile App Traffic

    Hi,   Want to invite some feedback here from other customers using the Jive mobile app internally or externally.   How are you currently tracking the app usage (Number of users of the app, Number of peopl...
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    created by rashmi_agarwal
  • GroupMe Replacement?

    Has anyone used the app in Jive 7 to replace GroupMe or other text messaging services? If so, what are your best practices? I thought we would be able to do this, and maybe this is just in my case, but I can't duplica...
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  • Badge Counter/Inbox inconsistencies between site and mobile app

    I have recieved multiple reports from users (and have experienced myself) an inconsistency between the push notifications (aka badges) and read/unread notifications on the mobile app and regular site. Is there any way...
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  • Is there a setting to control if iOS (iPad/iPhone) Jive email opens Jive Mobile App or Browser?

    Currently all Jive email open the browser. I was not sure if there was an option to open the Jive Mobile App instead?   Thank you!
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  • Social Authentication from mobile

    Couldn't find a similar discussion. Is there a plan of allowing Facebook/Google/Twitter as authentication sources for login on the mobile app, just like web?   Thanks, Anirban   Message was edited by: Ani...
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  • Latest Mobile News from Jive

    Jive is pleased to announce several significant updates for our mobile offering:   All new Android 3.0 Jive has released an entirely new Android app targeted at desk-less workers to ensure they can access corpora...
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    created by wim.stoop
  • Jive for Mobile FAQ - Android and iOS update

    This FAQ is linked to the blog Latest Mobile News from Jive announcing our new mobile capabilities. If you have any further questions, please add them as comments below and we will include them, with answers ofcourse!...
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  • Searching content via Mobile Browser?

    Some of the users on my internal/external platform have been complaining about being unable to search through/filter content when visiting our Jive-supported site on their mobile browsers. Any idea why this would be? ...
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  • Security PIN for jive mobile app

    Hi Anuj, Next week we are upgrading from jive 6.0.4 to jive Finally we will be able to utilize the new iOS and android apps.   In jive 7, we have facility to enable oauth for mobile apps. So now user...
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  • Missing stream in /mobile

    Does anyone else misses a stream when using https://community.jivesoftware.com/mobile/ (can be tested also on PC)?   I miss the "Developer" stream (since the Jive7 migration): Normal View /mobile
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  • Admin Console Access via Mobile Site or App

    Would it be feasible to allow for admin console access via the mobile site or apps?
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  • How can you add tags to created content in the latest Jive Mobile app

    We recently migrated to Jive 7 cloud and are piloting the new Jive mobile app. I was developing some online guides for our VPs using iPads with the app and hit an issue. We have some of them setup to blog with a speci...
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  • Are jive apps available in mobile apps (Smartphone / Tablet) ?

    Hi,   We are to build some apps next year and i would like to know if we can access apps from the mobile applications (smartphone/tablet) ?   Use case could be : On going discussion on Jive Someone add a...
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  • Why can't I view my support cases or their activity on my mobile device?

    All of my inbox activity is hidden for my private support group, and the group itself doesn't have any information about open support cases. Is there a plan to include the support case model/views in the mobile interf...
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  • Mobile On-Premise Plugin for Jive 5 & 6

    Jive Mobile On-Premise Plugin This is an alternative plugin which can be used with your on-premise Jive instance.  Please note that on-premise Jive customers can still use the standard Jive Mobile plugin, which h...
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  • What is the function of the "Add Contact" in the Jive app.

    Thanks to a mobile browser error in Chrome on one Jive based forum (not this one), I decided to use the Jive app for Android devices on phone running Android 4.2.2. There are a few quirks with the text input boxes, bu...
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  • Jive Mobile - Is there an activity streams feature

    Perhaps I've missed finding this in the online help docs for Jive Mobile for 6.0, however, is there a "activity streams" button/features for both a smartphone and a tablet that lets you see all the activity streams yo...
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