• Android App Store for Jive Daily in China

    While Apple's App Store has been regionalized for the app market in China, Google Play is not a significant player for Android users in China. For our users in Greater China, which of the major Android app stores avai...
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  • Jive Chime Linux Client

    Is there a Jive Chime client for Linux? Some of my engineers use linux(ubuntu) and would like to have a client.   Mark
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  • Do all employees need a personal email address?

    We have 7 people working at my business but only 4 of us have business email addresses. All of us use computers and it would be wonderful to IM each other with a free service. The three people who don't have work emai...
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  • Jive Chime free version support for SSO / SAML

    We are considering a pilot program for inter-office chat using the Jive Chime free version. We'd like to use our OneLogin SAML single sign on solution and are wondering if the free edition supports SAML.
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  • Delete Chime Groups / Messages

    Hello,   Is there a way to delete unused groups in Chime? Also, Is there a way to delete conversations, not just hide them?   Mark
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  • Is there a way to add a user to a conversation

    Is there a way to add a user to a conversation that you are having with someone. I know there is a way to invite someone to a group, but I don't see how to do this in a standard conversation. Am I missing something? W...
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  • Are there limits on the amount of people I can add to a group in Chime?

    I'd like to be able to send a message to a group of 1600 peeps, is that possible?
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  • Any plans to have audio calls with Chime?

    Daft question I know, but does anyone know the answer...?
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  • What's happening with Jive Chime?

    Hi All,   I recently rolled out a Jive Chime trial to our business for real time messaging. I've since noticed that the website www.jivechime.com now redirects to the main Jive Software site. I was directing use...
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  • Jive chime for windows website pushes users to Jivesoftware.com, is there an issue?

    I noticed that jivechime.com site pushes users to jivesoftware.com.  Is there an issue or is Jive Chime being sidelined?  It's still on the app stores but I noticed it's not mentioned on your main site anymo...
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  • Screen sharing?

    Are there any plans to include screen sharing?
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  • Any plan to enable @mentioning/calling out a specific user in a group chat?

    Similar to replying to a user in a discussion thread and directing your response to just that user within a group chat?
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  • Access Jive Chime API

    Hello Team,   We are running a pilot of Jive Chime, currently we have several IMs platforms. As part of the evaluation process we need to know Jive Plans to make Chime API accessible from other platforms. ...
    Edman Perez
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  • Is there a way to disable Chime on my site from the Admin Console?

    We are not going to be using Chime at this time.  How can I disable it from my site?
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  • Is there a ways to set an away status?

    Many of our members want to set away messages when using chime so others can see when they are in meetings or at lunch. Is it possible to do this?   Thanks!
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  • Mobile issue with messages unread, when it's been read - anyone else having this problem?

    Attached are 2 images - one where I am reading the message, the other showing the screen with the message still showing unread. On the desktop I can then read the message and it shows as read, but I can't get this to ...
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  • Release notes Jive Chime?

    Thx for creating Chime and we really love the app... Always willing to discuss/test further on future releases or ideas...   Today I received an update of Chime and this happens regularly, however I never know w...
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  • Report User

    Report user allows reporting of spam/ads, offensive messages, offensive profile.   Can you clarify what happens when a user is reported (now and roadmap)?
    John Schwiller
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  • Jive Chime Slowness

    Hi,   We have a group of 5 people in Jive Chime. We have observed that sharing the pictures in group is quite slow. can we do something to fix it? Users reaction is that on other platforms like Whatsapp its much...
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  • Is there a way to go straight to a conversation with a person on mobile after searching instead of going to their profile first?

    On the desktop version, if i search for someone it brings up the chat straight away rather than going back to their profile pic.
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