• Jive mobile native app API error codes

    We've launched a pilot of Jive native app on iOS devices and found that the sessions are terminated abnormally, following a network lost or inactivity timeout at our gateway, with this error:     We've ra...
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  • Icons are confusing on mobile app and the site

    We have some users who are, reasonably, getting confused, when using Jive on iOS or Android.   This is the icon to share content on Jive:   This is the icon to reply on Jive app (iOS): With this at th...
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  • How do I answer a poll or vote on an idea using iOS native app ?

    Hello,   looking at the native app which looks great, we do not find all the types of content and especially we are missing the poll and idea type of content... Is it normal ? is there any plan to support this ...
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  • New Jive7 Android Mobile app - details, please?

    I talked to a Jiver yesterday who told me he had the new Android app on his phone. I haven't seen anything posted about it yet, though. And since I don't personally have an Android phone, I can't check it out for myse...
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  • Reason for omitting Follow feature from native applications?

    Hi, We're in process of qualifying the native application for iOS (to work with our enterprise Jive 6 backend). We found that the Follow feature is not available at all. Looking at the Jive Mobile Product Comparison ...
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  • Jive Mobile App Authentication

    I have successfully integrated the Jive mobile app into our SSO framework and had a question about how the IOS app authenticates.   While debugging the our security filter, I noticed that an oAuth key gets sent ...
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  • Query

    I have already install jive app in my android mobile. than it's asking "jiveURL" What is That?
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  • Is there a Jive Mobile 3 user guide? What training/support have you used when rolling it out for your company?

    I'd like to roll out the Jive Mobile 3 application app within my company, as well as provide people with a basic user guide with some tips, tricks and trouble shooting however I haven't been able to find any online. ...
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  • Searching content via Mobile Browser?

    Some of the users on my internal/external platform have been complaining about being unable to search through/filter content when visiting our Jive-supported site on their mobile browsers. Any idea why this would be? ...
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  • Wrapped iOS APP not Pushing Notifications

    We have wrapped the iOS mobile 3 app and loaded the certificate for push notifications via the Mobile plugin yet no messages are reaching users.   Is there a know issue with push notifications in Jive 7 and how ...
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  • Disable shake to send feedback on iOS

    Hi all,   Is there a way to disable shake gesture on the iPhone? Google Maps on iOS allow users to disable (see below), but the JIVE app doesn't seem to have this option.   Thanks, Christine
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  • Mobile Help Page

    In the Android mobile app, when I click on "Help" I see the following: Do we have to set up the Help page for our community? Does anyone have experience doing this?   Thanks, Zoe
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  • Join group from JIVE iOS mobile app

    Hi everyone, I would like to know how can we request to join a group or accept invitation to join group with Jive iOS mobile app. Anyone know how to it ?     Thank you, Sarayu
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  • Jive Mobile Roadmap

    Hi Anuj Verma,   Can you help with the roadmap for Jive mobile? Basically, trying to understand the features and fixes planned in the future releases.   Regards, Prasanth Krishnan
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  • Amy

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  • Security PIN for jive mobile app

    Hi Anuj, Next week we are upgrading from jive 6.0.4 to jive Finally we will be able to utilize the new iOS and android apps.   In jive 7, we have facility to enable oauth for mobile apps. So now user...
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  • Mobile apps for android jive 7 on cloud

    hi when will jive for mobile will be available on android? thanks Michal
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  • Jive Mobile App Users Details

    Hi All,   We have customized and published Jive IOS Mobile App in our Company App Store. Now we want to disable the Apple store version with our instance. Before disable Apple store version, we want to know who a...
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  • App Wrapping to use Jive with MobileIron AppConnect/AppTunnel services

    HI,   We were give then .ipa file of the Jive mobile app and attempted to wrap it per the same process we wrap our in-house apps.  However, we got an error message stating "This app cannot be wrapped becaus...
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  • Data usage on /mobile - Jive7

    Is it just my lame browser which can not cache the 800k avatars loaded as base64 with POST requests? Or should one wait quite long when having a bad (gprs/edge) connection?
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