• Does being active on Jive Daily count as being active on the platform?

    If I haven't logged into our Jive instance for more than 30 days but if I've been reading news and all updates on the Jive Daily app, will I still be seen as an inactive user?
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  • What is the order that tiles show up in Jive Daily?

    No one seems to be able to tell me how place tiles will show up on Jive Daily... we want to be able to provide best practices for site design (and update core sites on our own) in preparation for releasing the mobile ...
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  • When is the Jive Daily update happening for 2016.3

    I understand Jive Daily releases run a little bit different than the Cloud releases. Trying to get an understanding when the updates explained in the 2016.3 documentation are going to be happening. I understand some o...
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  • Jive Daily Reporting

    Hi Guys,   Interested to know if there is any community management reporting available?   I've recently launched the app in our business and would be great to know how many users have downloaded/signed int...
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  • Why can't I add more than one image to a document?

    I'm using the latest Android version of Jive Daily 2.7.0, but when I create a document and try to insert more than one image, each image overwrites the existing image at the top of the document, no matter where I plac...
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  • ADFS log-in error

    Hi guys,   We have recently started encouraging the uptake of Jive Daily for our Jive'n community. When a user confirms our community URL, they are directed to our community log-in page to select 'employee' or '...
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  • Can we change the notification to LED only in android?

    My company has different teams to work in different timezone.  In the midnight, I occasionally receives some notifications from Jive Daily.  Do we have options to setup notification to LED only, or even a ...
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  • Where does the home tab content come from for spaces?

    I see a "home" tab for my spaces in Jive Daily. It doesn't correspond with any overview or added page. Where does this content come from?
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  • How do we change the login email/username prompt?

    I just noticed that when using Jive Daily, it asks our users to log in using their email. When we do that, it doesn't work because our users log in using the username (FirstInitial,LastName).   This is what happ...
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  • How to moderate Jive community from a mobile device?

    Asking the audience here, how do you all moderate Jive communities from a mobile device? I'm using a Jive-X Cloud instance. There are two options here: the Jive-X app and a mobile web browser. The Jive-X app is a n...
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  • Is there a Jive mobile roadmap for future releases?

    Is there a roadmap for Jive mobile app releases? Also, can you get access to the mobile app for testing prior to the update being released?   Trey Wyles Shantanu Rangnekar  Mike Hoover
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  • Is it possible to show latest news at the top in the Jive Daily news feed?

    Is it possible to show latest news at the top in the Jive Daily news feed?
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  • Windows Phone Support

    Is Windows Phone planned to be supported as a dedicated app ? We actually have more or less 2.000 phones of this kind, and the availability of a mobile app such as Jive Daily should be a great improvement comparing to...
  • Jive Circle is Moving into Jive Daily (EOL for Jive Circle)

    Jive Circle Users,   As you know, we launched the Jive Circle app in late 2015 and have seen strong adoption for both our free and paid versions.   Since that time we also heard feedback from our customers a...
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    created by gili.guri-mill
  • We are on Jive-X Cloud

    We want to start using Jive on Mobile devices. I know I can move our pages to Tiles. Is anyone using a Jive Mobile App for this their external community?
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  • Images need to be responsive in document

    Inside the document I have inserted the few images when I open in mobile devices those images are not responsive. Could any one guide on this?
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  • Which versions of the iOS mobile app can be used with a hosted Jive 7?

    If you're running a hosted version of Jive 7, can you use the Jive Mobile 2.x iPhone app with it?
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  • Jive App not working for Android Users

    Hi there,   We have had a couple of reports come in about the Jive Mobile App not working. These users are on Android. Has anyone else experienced any difficulties? I am using iOS and cannot replicate the issue ...
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  • Jive for ipad ios7

    I installed today ios 7 in my ipad, and got problems with the jive ipad app. I did not make an extensive test but: - could not access groups, the app cancels when trying to enter - when reading the inbox all fonts o...
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  • Jive Mobile IOS binary issue : Not able to update labels

    Can anyone tell how can we can open and modify en.Iproj-->JVLoginViewController.strings file for updating labels as mentioned in this document. How To: Configure the Jive iOS App for Enterprise Distribution When...
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    created by anuj.pathak