• We are on Jive-X Cloud

    We want to start using Jive on Mobile devices. I know I can move our pages to Tiles. Is anyone using a Jive Mobile App for this their external community?
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  • Jive App not working for Android Users

    Hi there,   We have had a couple of reports come in about the Jive Mobile App not working. These users are on Android. Has anyone else experienced any difficulties? I am using iOS and cannot replicate the issue ...
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  • Disable Mobile Home page

    Hello Team,   I would like to know if there is any option available to disable the Mobile Home page and showing the web home page on mobile's browser. If so How?   Regards, Niharika
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  • Multiple Communities in new Jive (Fall 2013) iOS Release

    Hi there,   I was wondering how a user can browse/switch between multiple communities with the new iOS app? It seems to be a feature of the old app that I'm unable to find in the new one.   Example use cas...
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  • QR Code to download Mobile Apps?

    Hi,   Do Jive have an official QR code to download the iPhone and Android mobile apps?   We are creating some posters to put up around our offices to promote the Jive Mobile app. The addition of a QR code ...
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  • Reason for omitting Follow feature from native applications?

    Hi, We're in process of qualifying the native application for iOS (to work with our enterprise Jive 6 backend). We found that the Follow feature is not available at all. Looking at the Jive Mobile Product Comparison ...
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  • Is there a Jive Mobile 3 user guide? What training/support have you used when rolling it out for your company?

    I'd like to roll out the Jive Mobile 3 application app within my company, as well as provide people with a basic user guide with some tips, tricks and trouble shooting however I haven't been able to find any online. ...
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  • Jive Mobile Roadmap

    Hi Anuj Verma,   Can you help with the roadmap for Jive mobile? Basically, trying to understand the features and fixes planned in the future releases.   Regards, Prasanth Krishnan
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  • How do download Jive Mobile app?

    Hi,   I want to download Jive Mobile app. Can anyone please suggest me on this?   Kindly also let me know if there is any option available to customize it to change the color and logo etc.   Ryan Rut...
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  • Which URL schemes does Jive for Mobile support?

    Anuj Verma and all,   I'm a big fan of Launch Center Pro on my iPhone, which I use for task automation. The app supports hundreds of third-party apps and actions using URL schemes, such as launching Google Maps ...
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  • Is it possible to embed a video in a document using iPhone Jive App v3.0.x ?

    Hi,   We are using v3.0.3 iPhone app for accessing a Jive 7 site. However when we create a document using the app and click on camera icon then we get options to only either click a photo or choose an existing p...
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  • Jive Outlook Connector on iPad

    Hi,   I have a potentially (dumb) question. Can we use the Outlook connector on an iPad? One of our regional CEOs tends to only use the iPad and his EA is asking if he can install the Outlook connector on his iP...
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  • What is the function of the "Add Contact" in the Jive app.

    Thanks to a mobile browser error in Chrome on one Jive based forum (not this one), I decided to use the Jive app for Android devices on phone running Android 4.2.2. There are a few quirks with the text input boxes, bu...
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  • Jive for iPad links issue?

    I have a user who just installed the iPad app (he downloaded it from the apps market and signed in - he said he didn't have to type in any registration code or anything). When he gets Outlook email notifications from ...
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  • Mobile Functionality Roadmap?

    I recently installed Jive Mobile on my Galaxy Nexus and it works alright. It's a bit limited as it only seems to show my stream. Will we soon be able to filter by containers (spaces, social groups, projects)?   ...
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  • Will events appear in Jive Mobile?

    Hi, We have the Events extension and the mobile extension, but it seems there is no way to view events in Jive Mobile.   There is a huge opportunity here because this type of calendaring/events functionality I...
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  • Iphone app rolled back?

    Hi   I really liked the left menu with streams on my Iphone 5, though today when I launched it again, I saw the "old" GUI with tabs on the top, so I tried to uninstall it / install it again and still have the "o...
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  • Calender Sync

    Is there away that I can sync my Android Calender with Jive Calender?
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  • List of Supported Mobile OS?

    Is there a complete list anywhere of the operating systems that Jive Mobile works on? We have mobile enabled for our community.   Thanks!
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  • Phone/OS Compatibility

    Our company is referring customers to use their mobile browser to set up Jive Mobile in 6. We are getting some feedback from people having issues with the initial setup. The first thing I want to do is make sure that ...
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