• English interface language setting on iPhone mobile app

    The interface language on the iPhone will automatically follow the "iPhone language" setting in the general settings menu of the iPhone:   Settings - General - Language and Region - iPhone language Although the...
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    created by cor
  • Multiple accounts on Mobile iOS App

    I would like to be able to use the iOS App for multiple Jive accounts. I have an account on the Jive instance for my internal organization, one for the Jive service we are providing to a customer, one for the Jiveso...
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    created by cor
  • Mobility Roadmap

    Hi Shantanu Rangnekar   I saw over the weekend that Jive Mobile app v4.0 (called Jive-n) for Android has been released.   I haven't been able to find the release notes and details of the new features that ar...
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    created by rajeshwaran_g
  • Edit functionality in Android native app?

    We've noticed that, as opposed to the respective iOS version, the Android native app doesn't provide the functionality to edit discussion items, documents & blogs. We couldn't find a direct reference to this lack ...
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    last modified by ositton
  • Android app not pushing notifications

    Hello   Over the last two weeks myself and a colleague have noticed the Jive Android is only pushing notifications to our mobiles once we have accessed the desktop inbox. Re-installing the app hasn't resolved th...
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    created by Oliver Beirne
  • Jive Mobile App SSO

    Hi there,   When we access our Jive-n community via the Jive mobile app, users are always prompted to enter their log in credentials (username and password). Once they initially activate the app and log in once,...
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  • Mobile App

    For a Jive-X platform, which Jive Mobile App should we use?
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  • Jive for Android 6.0

    Hello,   Now that Android 6.0 is available, i wanted to check if there are any (new critical) errors as a result of this.   Thanks, Raj
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    created by rajeshwaran_g
  • Test plan

    I'm looking for a Jive test plan for iOS and Android platforms/devices
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    created by aha
  • Customize Jive Mobile?

    When we were using the Jive Classic Mobile app, we were able to Customize small parts of the app through the Admin Console.  Now that we have moved to the newer app, it seems that any customization we do applies ...
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    created by erinclements
  • Tracking the Jive Mobile App Traffic

    Hi,   Want to invite some feedback here from other customers using the Jive mobile app internally or externally.   How are you currently tracking the app usage (Number of users of the app, Number of peopl...
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    created by rashmi_agarwal
  • How To Configure Jive Mobile Themes

    Overview Compatibility Matrix Recommended Config Connection Setup Page Customization Page Home Page Overview Quick guide to optimizing the Jive Mobile app for a given type of implementation....
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  • Finding information about using Jive app with Good security?

    Does anyone else use the Good access/app for their company and/or does anyone else in the community have documentation or steps of how they've utilized the mobile apps in tandem with Good security protocol?
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    created by justinthompson
  • Issue with @mentioning in Android Jive app

    Is anyone else experiencing an issue with their Jive app on Android? When any of our Android users try to @mention from their phones, the @mention isn't created correctly and instead creates a broken link and does not...
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    created by ernichols
  • Jive-n mobile clarifications

    Shantanu Rangnekar   We are currently working on enabling mobile solution for our internal collaboration platform (Jive-n and using OOB native app for this. The issue we are facing is push notifications...
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    created by wipkands
  • Configure Mobile Theme

    There is already a discussion in this space in place but it is from 2013 and related to Jive 5 (https://community.jivesoftware.com/docs/DOC-53624). Is it still possible to configure the Jive App (Android/iOS) and chan...
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    created by patrick.faehling
  • Anyone hearing about problems with the Android app?

    I just talked to an employee who said it was constantly crashing for him, and so he took it off his phone. Of course he never reported this to me, and obviously has no patience so I can't take it to support and ask fo...
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    created by tmaurer
  • Jive Classic mobile app gone from Apple App store - is this intentional?

    We are a few weeks from upgrading to Jive 7, so this won't be an issue for us for long, but we had an employee today whose Jive app wasn't responding properly. She decided to delete and reinstall, but when she went to...
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  • Jive Mobile App

    What has other's user experience been with Jive's mobile app? I have been testing it and find it extremely hard to use. It seems the only purpose is to just see a recent feed of activity. And hard to figure out how to...
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    last modified by Theresaljm
  • QR Code to download Mobile Apps?

    Hi,   Do Jive have an official QR code to download the iPhone and Android mobile apps?   We are creating some posters to put up around our offices to promote the Jive Mobile app. The addition of a QR code ...
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    last modified by ReeceO