For more details on what is Jive Anywhere see What is Jive Anywhere?

What's new in Jive Anywhere 1.1:

  • New themed scrollbars for the sidebar panes (Windows only)
  • UI improvements to the replies list of the preview pane.
  • UI improvements to @mention popups.
  • Added "show more results" link to the spotlight search popup.
  • A parent comment is now highlighted when clicking "in response to.." link.
  • Popups are now closed when the mouse is clicked outside.
  • Text-boxes are now automatically getting focused when a dialog appears.
  • Binary document download link now appears on the preview pane.*
  • Added download links for replies with attachments.
  • @mentions can now be selected by using the keyboard arrows and the TAB key.
  • Improved rendering performance.
  • The restricted sites list is now fetched from the server on each browser startup and every 12 hours.
  • Added support for Chrome 23 and the new content security policy (CSP).
  • Fixed security issue with HTML encoding and cross site scripting.
  • Fixed auto-update notifications for IE.
  • Fixed missing avatar images for deactivated users.
  • Fixed "Invalid User URI" error message when posting a private discussion in certain server configurations.*
  • Fixed "Invalid Url" error message when opening the sidebar in certain websites.*
  • Fixed JA sidebar is mispositioned in certain websites.
  • Fixed OpenGraph extraction of images with relative URL.
  • Fixed OpenGraph image scaling bug.
  • Fixed Community discussions appear on the Group tab if switching tabs while sorting/filtering/refreshing the list.
  • Fixed can't reply to comments made on documents.
  • Fixed comment replies doesn't show "in response to" links.*
  • More bug-fixes and small enhancements.

Important changes from previous versions:

  • Fixed memory leak in Chrome (v1.0.19)
  • Added support for Firefox 17 (v1.0.17)


IMPORTANT NOTES: The new version of Jive Anywhere for Chrome requires Chrome v22 or higher.

For Internet Explorer users it is recommended to re-download and re-install JiveAnywhere.msi from the tools page in order to get the latest client framework (v1.1.3) which is not included in the auto-update.


* Feature requires Extended APIs v2.0