v1.2.4 is a maintenance release fixing the following issues:


  • Spotlight search - places links might be corrupted, causing HTTP 404 error pages
  • Typing at the "post to" field may not show matching places if there are more than 10 matching users
  • Compatibility issues with JIRA on IE and Firefox
  • Encoding issue with OpenGraph previews when posting a new discussion
  • Encoding issue with discussion titles with Extended APIs older than v2.1
  • Jive anywhere is not displayed correctly in Jive's "Terms & Conditions" page
  • Jive anywhere is unable to connect to Jive servers with Extended APIs newer than v2.1
  • Snapshot's hyperlink HREFs and image sources might be corrupted
  • Discussion view pane - themed scrollbars may cut part of the content when images are included in the discussion
  • Themed scrollbars are now disabled for IE8 due to performance issues


Chrome/Firefox/Safari users will be auto-updated as long as auto-update is turned on. IE users will get a notification but update requires manual installation with admin privileges


Admins can now deploy Jive Anywhere using one of the following methods:


http://files.jivesoftware.com/JiveAnywhere/downloads/JiveAnywhere.msi (auto-update enabled unless specified else by the browser)

http://files.jivesoftware.com/JiveAnywhere/downloads/JiveAnywhere_NoUpdates.msi (auto-update disabled for all browsers)