• New Version of Jive Anywhere for Firefox Quantum Version 57.0 available?

    Is there a new Version for Firefox Quantum (Version 57.0) of Jive Anywhere planned? The actual Version 3.2 of  Jive Anywhere is not supported by Firefox anymore. See Firefox add-on technology is modernizing | F...
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  • LinkedIn Extension could learn from Jive Anywhere

    I just thought I'd share my review about the LinkedIn Extension - Chrome Web Store .   It literally just notifies you of LinkedIn Activity without allowing you to share content with your LinkedIn contacts.  ...
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  • Jive Anywhere not showing on some sites

    I have noticed when browsing that my Jive Anywhere plugin is not working on all sites. Is this something that individual sites can block?
    Donna Skoog
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  • Jive Anywhere for Firefox 49 - signed version issue

    Hello - I just installed Firefox 49.0.1 and it seems the issue with the signed plugin re-surfaced with this version like in Jive Anywhere for Firefox - signed version   Can you please confirm ?   Am i runn...
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  • Shared content from other places no supported by Jive Anywhere?

    Just playing around some days with JIVE Anywhere within our installation (on prime) and just wondering why some content of connected places isn't shown.   It look's like that content shared with a place (Sharing...
    created by lweddewer
  • Keep getting logged out of gmail when using jive anywhere in Chrome on Mac

    As of last Thursday my coworkers and I have been getting logged out of gmail and prompted for credentials each time we click on an email from jive that is attempting to utilize the gmail cartridge. The only way to fix...
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  • Cannot share Tweet with my Community using Jive Anywhere

    Cannot share my Tweet with my Community using Jive Anywhere. I get "Unknown server error".
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  • Jive Anywhere in Firefox 43

    It would seem that Mozilla has increased the security of add-ons and now requires registration. After upgrading to FF 43, I get the following message.     More information brings me to this page about sig...
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  • Does it slow down your Firefox too?

    Well, I just disabled Jive Anywhere again in my Firefox, since it makes typing in my Firefox impossible: It is just that bunches of letters get lost between keyboard and input area (yes, I mistype a lot, but this is n...
    Frank Nestel
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  • Jive Cartridge seems not able to capture Office 365 online documents.

    Jive Cartridge seems not able to capture Office 365 online documents. Any conflict between Office 365 and Jive Anywhere ?
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  • Jive Anywhere: Discussions only?

    Is it possible to capture content from a site and dumping it into a document vs. a discussion? I assume not. But thought I would ask. Christy Schoon
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  • Support for Microsoft Edge

    Is there any support for JA in Edge?
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  • Multiple Cartridges Acting Up

    Has anyone seen strange behavior when more than one cartridge is installed and applicable for the same URL ? Seems that only one is working at a time, selected at random?
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  • Jive Anywhere for IE 11

    The documentation page for Jive Anywhere does not list IE 11.  What are the plans for confirming IE 11 compatibility?  IE 10 is approaching end of life.  Thanks
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  • JA on iPad

    Can we install JA on iPad or is this under development? As we accept we are in a 24x7 mobile world.   Brian Gil
    John Schwiller
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  • Jive Anywhere Extension in Chrome sometimes Blocks Nearby Links

    Jive Anywhere is great for sharing content, but sometimes the extension in Chrome keeps other page links from functioning. I use Chrome and I find that I end up disabling the extension most of the time. It took me som...
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  • Will Jive Anywhere be impacted with Google Chrome dropping plug-in support?

    Google announced last September that its going to drop Netscape Plugin API from Chrome browser, which would impact lot of browser plug-ins. I am just wondering if it has any impact on Jive Anywhere? Please let us know...
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  • Chrome - Jive Anywhere3.0 - Salesforce module - discussion dialog will not be closed after posting

    Has anyone tried Salesforce or any other module with Jive Anywhere 3.0 on Chrome/Firefox ? We are seeing issues with discussion dialog not being closed after hitting POST button , dialog freezes after posting the disc...
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  • JA for External Contributors

    Hi Mor Avital   It looks like an External Contributor can't install Jive Anywhere (getting a 'not supported' message). Is this a temporary limitation and when might it be resolved or is it something more fundame...
    John Schwiller
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  • Jive Anywhere v 3 in Chrome - Cannot Post

    A couple users have reported that they are unable to post content with Jive Anywhere in Chrome. The Post button is greyed out. When you hover over the post button, you get a red circle with a line through it to indica...
    Kate Bellard
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