• Jive Anywhere for Firefox 49 - signed version issue

    Hello - I just installed Firefox 49.0.1 and it seems the issue with the signed plugin re-surfaced with this version like in Jive Anywhere for Firefox - signed version   Can you please confirm ?   Am i runn...
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  • Keep getting logged out of gmail when using jive anywhere in Chrome on Mac

    As of last Thursday my coworkers and I have been getting logged out of gmail and prompted for credentials each time we click on an email from jive that is attempting to utilize the gmail cartridge. The only way to fix...
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  • Jive Anywhere in Firefox 43

    It would seem that Mozilla has increased the security of add-ons and now requires registration. After upgrading to FF 43, I get the following message.     More information brings me to this page about sig...
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  • Does it slow down your Firefox too?

    Well, I just disabled Jive Anywhere again in my Firefox, since it makes typing in my Firefox impossible: It is just that bunches of letters get lost between keyboard and input area (yes, I mistype a lot, but this is n...
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  • Jive Anywhere: Discussions only?

    Is it possible to capture content from a site and dumping it into a document vs. a discussion? I assume not. But thought I would ask. Christy Schoon
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  • Multiple Cartridges Acting Up

    Has anyone seen strange behavior when more than one cartridge is installed and applicable for the same URL ? Seems that only one is working at a time, selected at random?
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  • Will Jive Anywhere be impacted with Google Chrome dropping plug-in support?

    Google announced last September that its going to drop Netscape Plugin API from Chrome browser, which would impact lot of browser plug-ins. I am just wondering if it has any impact on Jive Anywhere? Please let us know...
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  • Chrome - Jive Anywhere3.0 - Salesforce module - discussion dialog will not be closed after posting

    Has anyone tried Salesforce or any other module with Jive Anywhere 3.0 on Chrome/Firefox ? We are seeing issues with discussion dialog not being closed after hitting POST button , dialog freezes after posting the disc...
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  • Jive Anywhere and Firefox 29.0.1?

    I've downloaded the recent version of Jive Anywhere, but I can't connect to our instance URL (Jive 7). By pressing the Connect button it turns from blue to light blue, but nothing else happens. Plug-In works in IE,...
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  • Jive anywhere is causing web-based app to crash, telling it to ignore the URL does not work

    Mor Avital   See: Web Application crashes with Jive Anywhere installed   Vocalink has a web based application that keeps crashing when the Jive anywhere add on is installed. They have attempted to add the ...
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  • Can't get my JA to display correctly in IE

    HI, I'm using IE10 and see screenshots of my JA.  Works fine for me in Chrome but in IE and have to click on >> and then the Jive Anywhere box appears but nothing more. thanks!  
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  • Localization in Jive Anywhere

    Hello,   I would like to know whether Jive Anywhere can be made available in languages other than English.   My customers are from Japan and they would like to see the menus, options & labels in Jive...
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  • Unable to get Jive Anywhere working - "Jive anywhere has been disabled for this site"

    Hi, I'm unable to get the Jive Anywhere plugin working on Chrome, Firefox or IE - after installing the browser plugin and logging to the Jive account the "Discuss" button disappears completely (preference is set to "A...
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  • Anywhere on Firefox using Windows 8.1

    Hey there,   i really enjoy using Jive Anywhere on my working place using Windows 7. But a few days ago I recognized with my own private notebook, that Anywhere is not supported in Firefox under Windows 8.1. I ...
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  • Latest Chrome does not allow Jive Anywhere

    Has anyone else run into this issue? The latest version of Google Chrome for Windows (Version 35.0.1916.153 m) will not allow me to enable Jive Anywhere. It says it did not come from the Chrome Web Store.  
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  • Jive Anywhere 2.1.2 upgrade has lost its icon

    I don't know if this was a coincidence but the old JA version matched the colours on our site, now it doesn't. It has also lost the community name so multiples connections all just say community now and I can't see wh...
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  • How do I change which community Jive Anywhere points at please?

    I tried the settings but they are greyed out and, argh, I knew this would happen, I removed the default entry hoping it would let me add our cloud instance but now I can't add an account for any community. I will unin...
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  • Jive Anywhere for Chrome not picking up the mos... | Jive Community

    Jive Anywhere for Chrome not picking up the most current versioning Jive Community I went out today to test Jive Anywhere in Dev and happened to choose to do this in Chrome and after switching my settings inside Jiv...
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  • Connecting to a project from Jive Anywhere?

    We are leveraging a social group for a sales team and then creating projects within that social group for specific deals.  We would love to be able to connect salesforce accounts and opportunities to these projec...
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  • Customizing JiveAnywhere

    As we have an on-prem installation of Jive, is it possible to customize JiveAnywhere functionality to pull the same icon that we use for our mobile apps?  This would be ideal in order to provide a cohesive unifie...
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