• Connecting to a project from Jive Anywhere?

    We are leveraging a social group for a sales team and then creating projects within that social group for specific deals.  We would love to be able to connect salesforce accounts and opportunities to these projec...
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  • Customizing JiveAnywhere

    As we have an on-prem installation of Jive, is it possible to customize JiveAnywhere functionality to pull the same icon that we use for our mobile apps?  This would be ideal in order to provide a cohesive unifie...
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  • I cannot connect my Jive site with Jive Anywhere

    Hello,   I just installed the Jive Anywhere plugin for Google chrome. When I fill the Jive instance URL with https://community.jivesoftware.com, the connection is working. When I fill with my Jive site URL it ...
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  • Browser Back Broken by Jive Anywhere

    Is there a workaround to this problem?   1. Do a Google search with multiple hits.   2. Click a hit and open Jive Anywhere tab - either to post a link back to Jive or just to see if anyone else is already ...
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