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Challenges for Jive Users

The Jive platform is a digital work-hub where the collaboration between employees, partners and customers takes place.It is a great place to publish blog posts, discuss ideas and bring your activities into attention.

But what if you need to work better and faster with digital assets like images, office and pdf files?

  • fme document manager UI is optimized for working with files. The user needs less clicks to find, navigate, open and edit documents.
  • fme document manager is flexible to use in a mixed IT-infrastructure (Windows, Mac and Linux). You can edit files with any desktop application on the main client platforms. Even external contributors of your Jive platform can use the desktop application.
  • Implementing and integrating a new ECM system in Jive adds extraordinary complexity to your solution and environment. Often a lightweight solution would fit better.



Our solution - the fme document manager for Jive

Key facts

  • a user-friendly interface for working with files in Jive
  • Navigate, filter and browse your documents in Jive faster
  • Edit your documents more simple and easier


Target users

  • Document intensive collaboration like project management
  • Co-editing with external contributors
  • Companies with mixed IT infrastructure (Windows, Linux and Mac clients)








Simple & smart architecture


The documents manager is an Jive addon which integrates into the Jive platform.

Users can use it directly in the JIVE UI or with a separate desktop app (more details later)...





Simple & future proofed

  • developed as Jive Addon

  • hosted directly in Jive platform  (“jive hosted app”)

  • no separate server needed



Upgrade safe / Runs everywhere

  • runs in Jive Cloud/On premise Jive version > 8

  • uses official Jive REST API



State of the art technologies

Our engineering team selected best of bread technologies to build an UI on top of:

  • AngularJS 1.5

  • Angular material design

  • PDF.js


  • Jive JS Framework

  • Electron (desktop app)



Integration into Jive


Our product integrates as addon directly in the UI of Jive, accessable in the Apps Menu as a full featured app.

It provides access to all places in your jive instance




Place Tab View

Additionally, our product integrates as place tab view into your social groups.

  • in spaces and projects with an separate tab like the new images tab in Jive Cloud
  • context is always the current place


Desktop application


Last but not least we will provide a separate desktop application which can be used by your employess

to work more effient with Jive Files.

  • The desktop application connects to your jive instance
  • It will be available for Windows, Mac and Linux
  • Additional features for document  interaction with the users client



Key Features

Navigate and Find


Always the right context

  • Your last accessed documents
  • Your last accessed places
  • last activities around documents



  • for documents and places
  • by document number


Browse categories by click


Filter your documents by key attributes

  • Author
  • Modification date
  • Mimetype of document


Work with documents


Inline Editing

  • filename
  • categories for a document



Bulk upload files

  • By drag and drop files and folders
  • By choosing multiple files  in a file chooser



Quick editing of a file

  • Start with one click
  • Finish with one click
  • Any file type supported (not restricted
    to office files)




Manage categories inline

  • Inline creation, modification and deletion
  • Drag and Drop of files into a category


Preview of files


Preview of pdf documents and images



Easily navigate through previews of your documents by click

  • within a place
  • within a category
  • Within a filtered list


Zoom for pdf documents and images



Roadmap / Ideas New


  • support standard actions from Jive Platform like Tagging and Likes
  • Mass export of documents  in a place or category into users filesystem  to have them offline available
  • Offline version of the client –  to see all downloaded and managed documents
  • List document versions

Your ideas are welcome!


Beta version

  • Beta Version planned to start in Mid June 2016
  • First Beta will include the direct integration into Jive - the desktop application will be offered later...


Do you want to attend to try our beta version? Please get in contact with us...





Webinar Recording with live demo


We hosted a webinar in April 2016 about this addon in April.

If you want to see our product in action, please view our recording here:


We wanted to announce a change to the following unsupported community plugins that have been maintained thus far by Ryan Rutan



As we continue to build out core functionality, we are reevaluating the existing unsupported plugins. We are changing the way these are handled, no longer publishing them as plugins and instead we are happy to work with you to evaluate how similar capability might be reproduced through add-ons as part of your upgrade. In some cases we are considering them for productization and the team is reviewing them now. Anyone who is already using them today should contact their sales rep and the upgrade of these plugins will be assessed as part of your migration process. In the meantime the product team is assessing which of these capabilities could be productized and officially supported in the future.

We've posted FAQ: Unsupported Community Plugins in Jive 7 to address some common questions, and Ryan Rutan has also posted a blog about it in The specified item was not found.  . If you would like any other information, please let us know.

Thank you,

Jive Software