• Jive Plugin/Add-On Versioning Document

    Jive-supported extensions Customer's extensions Extension archive Within this doc, we aim to create a full catalog of Jive extensions (including plugins and add-ons).   Jive-supported extensions ...
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  • Google docs add-ons not working

    Hello,   I have configured following Google drive add-ons in our sandbox- 1. Google Drive Files & Docs 2. StreamOnce Integration Platform 3.Google Drive   When I installed it earlier all worked as expect...
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  • Community Manager Reports time-out when using custom date ranges

    When we are attempting to pull the CMR using custom date ranges, we get a time-out error. Does anyone else have this issue or heard of/seen it before? Please help!   Running On Prem Jive, CMR Plugin
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    As you may know SmarterPath has changed and improved in recent years. New functionalities have been implemented in order to meet the needs of even more use cases. For example, usability in a new redesign. In order to ...
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  • Is there integration with Phabricator?

    Hi all!   I'd like to know if Jive-n has integration with Phabricator   Phabricator - An Open Source Powerful "Project Management" Tool for Linux Phacility - Phabricator   If not, how we can creat...