• Automated Messages to people that have asked questions in my community

    I use Jive and want to be able to send an automated message to people that have asked a question after a week of it being posted to be able to follow up with them.  Is this possible, and if so, how do I set this ...
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  • Google docs add-ons not working

    Hello,   I have configured following Google drive add-ons in our sandbox- 1. Google Drive Files & Docs 2. StreamOnce Integration Platform 3.Google Drive   When I installed it earlier all worked as expect...
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    last modified by shipra
  • Community Manager Reports time-out when using custom date ranges

    When we are attempting to pull the CMR using custom date ranges, we get a time-out error. Does anyone else have this issue or heard of/seen it before? Please help!   Running On Prem Jive, CMR Plugin
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  • Auto Notifications to update group content

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but thought I would put this out there....   Is there a feature or 3rd party add-on where the content owner receives a notification in a couple of months from the last updat...
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  • Kaltura available in JIVE-N (Cloud)??

    Could someone let me know if the Kaltura plug-in/app is available for our cloud instance of JIVE-N??
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    created by baconunh
  • Community Manager Reports Plugin - Couldn't Install

    Hi Scott Romney   When I tried to upload/install the CMR plugin, I got this message:   Error uploading plugin: Plugin upload_f20c55e3_eb2b_4ff2_91f3_4834f7bdbe03_00000003 does not contain a plugin.xml  ...
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  • Is a Slack integration on Jive's roadmap? If so, when?

    Slack is already engrained within our company for instant communication. The lack of integration is causing information silos between the two tools. Is any integration planned?
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  • Any sample plugin for jive 6/7/8

    Hello All,   Can anyone share the sample plugin that can be used as a reference point for plugin development in jive 6/7/8. I have one which works well in jive 4.x. Do I need to only add pom.xml and other respec...
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  • Is there a comprehensive list of Plug-ins available for Jive?

    DeLeon DeMicoli, Here's where most of our plug-in downloads are available?   Ryan Rutan, is there a comprehensive list of plugi-ins available on Jive?   Thanks,   steve
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  • Is there integration with Phabricator?

    Hi all!   I'd like to know if Jive-n has integration with Phabricator   Phabricator - An Open Source Powerful "Project Management" Tool for Linux Phacility - Phabricator   If not, how we can creat...
  • Jive Antivirus Extension

    Hello Nimi Berman and Gui Batista,   Do either of you know if we have the AntiVirus Extension? We need to have an AntiVirus running for uploads and I have been to the Admin Console>System>Settings>AntiV...
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  • Plugin for Jive & SFDC integration

    Hi,   We have on-prem Jive 7 version. We have a business requirement to integrate Jive with SFDC. is there plugin available for Jive and SFDC integration.?   -Tanzeem
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  • Outlook Plugin for External Users

    Is the Outlook Plugin also available for external contributors?
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  • Update on the provision of Office/ Outlook 2016 plugins

    Is there any update on the availability of Jive for Office and Outlook Connectors for Office and Outlook 2016?   Thanks
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  • Plugin Twitter.

    Hello,   I would like to add the Twitter Plugin on a JIVE platform but I have some questions to ask before :   Is this totally free ? Once installed will it remain unchanged or are there updates every y...
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  • Intergration with Notes

    Are there plans to support integration with Notes databases, similar to the plug-in for SharePoint?  If yes, when might this be available?
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  • Jive integration for Mozilla Thunderbird

    The Jive is integrated with MS Outlook. The problem is that my company uses Linux workstations and we cannot have Outlook.   Therefore, my question is - would it be possible to create an extension for the Mozill...
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  • Is the email white list Plugin compatible with our Cloud Instance?

    Does anyone know whether the Email White List Plugin is compatible with our Cloud instance?
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  • Bulk upload into Jive

    Hi Everyone,   We are planning to migrate heavy data from Sharepoint to Jive clouds. This data composed of word documents as of now. As per current planning, from Sharepoint we will get a dump of bulk data but w...
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  • Ask a question widget

    Ryan Rutan Do you know any widget or plugin that would help to develop the following functionality [see screen shot below]? Apple has this functionality. Use Case: We would like to prevent our customer to open ser...
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