• Jive Events Extension Compatibility Matrix

    Jive Version Extension Version Date Released July 18, 2018 March 29,2018 Dec 15, 2017, July 5, 2017 March 3, 2017
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  • Jive Video Module

    Overview of this module Jive Software offers an add-on module that enables users to upload videos and view them right in the page. Because videos are treated as a full—content type—like discussions, docume...
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  • JIRA Plugin

    Overview This is a plugin which embeds a SOAP client for remote JIRA access. As you can see from the JiraSoapService javadoc, there is quite a lot of functionality available to SOAP clients. However, as of this initia...
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  • Retention SMTP configuration settings

    Below is an SMTP settings page for 6.0.2-5 Must change settings:  Setting Notes retention.smtp.message.inbox.address This is the inbox where all retention messages will be sent. This should be an inbox that you...
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  • Jive Antivirus Extension Compatibility

    Jive Version(s) Compatible Plugin Version, 7.0.1 7.0.0, 7.0.0-0 6.0.6 6.0.6-0 6.0.3,,,, 6.0.3-0 &...
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  • Auto Notifications to update group content

    Not sure if this is the correct forum but thought I would put this out there....   Is there a feature or 3rd party add-on where the content owner receives a notification in a couple of months from the last updat...
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  • Kaltura available in JIVE-N (Cloud)??

    Could someone let me know if the Kaltura plug-in/app is available for our cloud instance of JIVE-N??
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    created by baconunh
  • Community Manager Reports Plugin - Couldn't Install

    Hi Scott Romney   When I tried to upload/install the CMR plugin, I got this message:   Error uploading plugin: Plugin upload_f20c55e3_eb2b_4ff2_91f3_4834f7bdbe03_00000003 does not contain a plugin.xml  ...
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  • Custom Redirection Plugin

    Overview The custom redirect plugin is designed to give you the ability to specify redirect rules within your Jive site. This tool can be used when you desire a unique URL that should point somewhere in your community...
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  • Jive Events Extension User's Guide

    Overview  The Jive Events Extension allows members of a community to schedule, discover and attend events in a social setting.  An event planner can set dates, times, locations, and other information about ...
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  • Company Dictionary Add-on

    Use case Allow your employees to create and maintain a glossary of industry and company specific terms, crowdsource quality control and make it easy to embed these definitions into any Jive content. If you were ever ...
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    As you may know SmarterPath has changed and improved in recent years. New functionalities have been implemented in order to meet the needs of even more use cases. For example, usability in a new redesign. In order to ...
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  • UI Editor

    Allow your Community Manager to easily change the wording and translations of a Jive system, without the need for development or IT involvement. No deployment or downtime is required—changes are live instantly. ...
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  • OpenGraph Plugin Configuration

    Overview   If one would desire to actually have useful information (title, description, image, etc.) come along with their Facebook sharing, then the only way to do this is with Open Graph meta tags in the header...
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  • Is a Slack integration on Jive's roadmap? If so, when?

    Slack is already engrained within our company for instant communication. The lack of integration is causing information silos between the two tools. Is any integration planned?
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  • SmarterPath Social Learning for Jive

    Overview Traditional learning management systems (LMSs) haven’t kept up with the social business paradigm ushered in by collaboration platforms like Jive. By focusing mainly on the “management” part,...
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  • IBM Sametime Connector for Jive

    Overview Our IBM Sametime integration for Jive brings the power of real-time communications to your Jive platform. The connector allows you to launch chat sessions as well audio/video calls and web conferences without...
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  • Any sample plugin for jive 6/7/8

    Hello All,   Can anyone share the sample plugin that can be used as a reference point for plugin development in jive 6/7/8. I have one which works well in jive 4.x. Do I need to only add pom.xml and other respec...
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  • Extended APIs Versions Compatibility Matrix

    1. Compatibility to Jive Core by plugin version     Jive Version   Extended APIs  v2.0.x   Extended APIs  v2.1   Extended APIs v2.5 Extended APIs v2.6+ Extended APIs 3....
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  • Addon - "document manager for Jive" by fme AG

    Challenges for Jive Users Our solution - the fme document manager for Jive Key facts Target users Benefits Simple & smart architecture Simple & future proofed Upgrade safe / Runs eve...
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