We've released a new minor update to our O365/SharePoint Online cloud integration service to introduce a new capability to allow users to use the Jive preview, instead of the O365 preview:

Screenshot 2017-03-26 22.52.11.png


When should you use the Jive preview?

The O365 preview is a read only preview that requires a user authenticated session with O365.

In cases where SSO (single sign on) is not present or possible, the user experience will not be smooth, due to the fact that a user login is required.

In addition, we have a known limitation with IE11, that causes the O365 preview to be corrupted, when the user is not logged in.

Using the Jive preview you are overcoming these two issues, while not scarifying any of the functionality.

See below the differences between the previewer modes:


    O365 Preview

Screenshot 2017-03-26 22.52.19.png


     Jive HTML5 Preview

Screenshot 2017-03-26 22.52.26.png



How to change the previewer?

The previewer settings can be found in the storage instance configuration (which is found in the Admin Add-on page, under the "Storage" tab").

The change only applies to files that are synced after the configuration change was applied.

Existing connected places will not be affected by the previewer configuration change, unless you re-save the storage place configuration of the connected place, by opening the place setting, clicking on the storage places settings, and then clicking on save.