• Security Enhancement: Limit of JIVE Publish Destinations from JIVE for Office Plugin

    Not only at our company but, as the news spreads, at many other companies, the JIVE for Office Plugin is being removed due to a particular security concern. This concern is that, using the JIVE for Office Plugin, an e...
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  • Jive 7/8 vs. SharePoint 2013

    Has anyone assembled a feature comparison of Jive and SharePoint 2013 (possibly including Office365 and Yammer)?  Our IT department is upgrading out old SP 2007 collections and I'd like to better understand where...
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  • OCS/Lync for Jive 7 with external groups

    Hi,   Probably a question for Mor...   What happens if we enabled the "OCS/Lync for Jive" module and use external groups as part of Jive 7? Would it detect the external users and hide all OCS/Lync integrat...
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  • Changes in Office/Outlook/SharePoint/OCS Supported Versions

    With our continued efforts for increased security, stability and performance, as well as the desire to drive innovations in our integrations, we are announcing some changes to the supported Microsoft versions in the n...
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  • Jive OCS Plugin

    Where can you download the Jive OCS plugin
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