• Does anyone have any best practices for using Jive for Office?

    We get a number of questions from our user base for our internal community around prime use cases, optimal doc size, # of contributors, etc. for using Jive for Office.   Would love to see any best practices or g...
    Morgan Johnson
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  • Is there a JIVE plugin for Microsoft Visio ?

    As there are plugin's for WORD and EXCEL, Is there a JIVE plugin for Microsoft Visio ?
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  • Latest versions of Jive for Office 2016 and Jive for Outlook 2016 Plugins

    What is the latest version issued for these plugins - the last update I received was back in Aug 2017 - version 30.7.49, is this still the latest version issued? Also, for the last few months I see the following when ...
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  • Office plugin include One Note?

    Does the office plugin include One Note? How can I share a One Note page in Jive?
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  • Jive4Outlook Crashing on Windows 10

    My plugin has been crashing frequently on Windows 10 after the Fall Creator update. Has anyone else noticed this or know how to fix? Have tried reinstalling to no avail.
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.48

    Hi all,   We've released a new version for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.48.   This release contains small enhancements and bug fixes: Bug fixes:J4O-220 - Excel can crashe when merging a large forma...
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.43

    Hi all,   We've released a new version for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.43.   This release brings support to our Jive for FedRAMP solution, by providing additional security controls to comply with t...
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  • Outlook & Office Plugins continuously turn themselves off for certain users

    Does anyone know what might be causing the plugins to become disabled for a few employees. They're reporting having to open up their Add-ins and turn the plugin(s) on at least once a day, if not more frequently. This ...
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  • Unable to install Jive for Office v 30.7.48 Error 1925 you do not have sufficient privleges.

    Anyone else run into this? I tried logging in as local admin, domain admin etc and it fails every time.  
    Sarah O'Meara
    created by Sarah O'Meara
  • Security Enhancement: Limit of JIVE Publish Destinations from JIVE for Office Plugin

    Not only at our company but, as the news spreads, at many other companies, the JIVE for Office Plugin is being removed due to a particular security concern. This concern is that, using the JIVE for Office Plugin, an e...
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  • Does interaction with Jive for Outlook flag a user as "active" if they have not logged in via the browser?

    I see that views via the Outlook connector are included in the total views for a piece of content, but if a user views or interacts via the Outlook connector, are they considered as "active" users? (seeHow are usage ...
    Kara Francis
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  • How are usage metrics impacted by the use of the Outlook connector?

    We recently installed Jive 6 and the Outlook connector and I noticed that some of the posts say "0 views and 6 comments" - I'm guessing that these comments were made via the Outlook connector.   How do we accoun...
    Kara Francis
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  • Does anyone have guidance on defaults for O365?

    Our CM team are working with the IT team as they begin the move to O365. As such, we are wondering what guidance others have on configuration. For example, we have already decided to leave Yammer turned off. What othe...
    created by tmaurer
  • Will Jive for Office/Outlook still work with O365?

    Our company is migrating all users to Office 365. Will Jive for Office/Outlook still work? Do we need them if we have the O365 integration (I haven't tried it yet)?
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  • Simultaneous Editing in Office 365?

    We saw the recent press release about Jive working toward further integration with Office 365. Based on the Google Docs press release, it seems that you can live edit with more multiple users in the same document. Is ...
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  • Does Outlook Calendar sync with Jive Events?

    Does Jive for Outlook have the capability to sync the Outlook Calendar with Jive Events? After researching I was only able to find the idea Add event to Outlook Calendar created in 2011. Are there any updates since then?
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  • Jive for Outlook/Office Appdata or Offisync files

    Our VDI team is looking to reduce the amount of data in the user roaming profile for a session and noticed a large amount of data associated with Jive. I confirmed, via a private case in our support group, that these ...
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  • Jive for Office version 30.7.24

    Hi,   A few of our users received notification from Jive yesterday that a newer version of Jive for Office (and outlook) is available. This new version is said to be 30.7.24 however we cannot find anything in th...
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.24 (minor release)

    Hi all,   We've released a new version for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.24. This is a minor release that contains the following bug fixes:   J4O-98 - Fixed plugin collisions in Jive for Office with ...
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  • Jive for Office/Outlook 30.7.11 (minor release)

    Hey,   New version was released today for Jive for Outlook/Office, version 30.7.11. This is a minor release that contains the following bug fixes:   J4O-86 - Improved uninstall to cleanup additional registr...
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