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I have not received the Email verification mail. My email ID Thanks
in Producteev
Is there a way to delete a device previously used from the notifications?
in Producteev
In the manual, it says I, as the admin, can view and edit all projects. I am the network admin, but I can only see public projects, even after I select "All Projects".
in Producteev
I requested to verify my new account in Produceev before the address had been activated by our IT department so may have bounced. Email is designer [at] craftstash [dot ] co [dot] uk Please can you verify? Thanks
in Producteev
I would like to separate the notifications of due dates from regular notes. And furthermore, I would like to have an option to say just OK to the note   In sum, I would like to be informed only about real notes, also be informed about due dates but separately, and to have an option to say just OK to the notes. I define real notes those which… (Show more)
in Producteev
Hi all, We recently started using Producteev as our main tool for project management. The notifications were working perfectly during 3 weeks then all users stop receiving them on our smartphones. We are using for the moment the Free version since we are testing the capapilities and we planned to move to the Pro one if everything is OK, and one… (Show more)
in Producteev
Does Producteev have any integrations with Gantt chart reporting, github code repository and messaging/discussion tool?
in Producteev
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