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We're implementing Microsoft Teams, and we've been using Producteev for quite some time. I'd like to be able to use Producteev and Teams together, and I think making Producteev a connector would be a great idea.   Connectors developer dashboard | Microsoft Docs
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Hello,   we've been using Productive some time now and we're pretty satisfied with how it impacts managing of the projects and overall productivity of the company.   However, it has come to my attention that in case of uploading a few files attached to one note, there is no option that would allow the assignees download them all at once with… (Show more)
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I just started my Producteev account and for some reason, I have not gotten the verification email. The email I'm using for my team is
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Hi, the first person from my organization to register for Producteev has not accessed her account since the security breach last year. She cannot access her account now, and is leaving the organization in a few weeks. And I cannot add any users to the network for our organization. Effectively this means that my organization cannot use Producteev.… (Show more)
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Notifications have not been working for me for awhile now, and any submissions regarding this issue have been unaddressed by support staff. Is anyone getting their producteev issues addressed by support? Is anyone else having issues with receiving notifications?
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I would like to know how efficient is the Producteev platform when it comes to attaching sensitive documents to the project? My company really loved it but they are a bit suspicious about the security and sensitive data. I would appreciate if you could provide some information on this question. Thank you.
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I'm not receiving notification on my gmail account. But my colleague is receiving them on gmail. Is there any problem with my account?
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My firend cannot receive a password reset email. Can you please send a password reset email to It seems his email is blocked or something. thanks
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Hi, I'm not receiving any e-mail notifications from Producteev. Last received e-mail wat at: Wed, Mar 22, 2017 at 12:05 AM My colleagues (using the same domain name and e-mail provider) receive e-mail notifications.   My e-mail address: michal.tomana -at-   Please check the issue.
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