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Hi,   I asked a question weeks ago using Personalized Support, but I've had no response.   Is anyone monitoring that?   Thanks,   Nik
in Producteev
Help, Producteev has stopped sending me email notifications? Has my email been blocked in error?  I have missed several deadlines.
in Producteev
Good Morning,   I have set up a new network and moved existing projects to the new network and the old comments have disappeared. I set up a new user and they can see the comments but myself and the old existing users can't see the old comments only the new ones. This is on the web app, if I use my iphone app I can see the comments again.  … (Show more)
in Producteev
hi   see documentation use cURL as described there is answer "405 Method Not Allowed"   token changed to XXXXXXXXX   ======       curl -v -X POST --data '{"task":{"title":"Submit","project":{"id":"594af066b0fa090d39000008"}}}' "" --header "Content-Type:application/json" --header "Authorization:Bearer… (Show more)
in Producteev
We have not receiving email notifications for two users.  It seems that the same issue was solved Could you please remove from the bounce list the following adresses: and
in Producteev
I signed up for a Producteev account but have been unable to receive my verification email. Asked the email admins to check and no evidence of the message can be found   Can someone assist? Email used was  
in Producteev
I am no longer receiving email notifications when tasks are due.  I have gone in and reset my email--and stilll no emails received.  I have become very dependant on the way producteev helps me stay on task for multiple projects, and need to get this issue resolved very quickly, or I will unforuntately have to find another program to acheive this… (Show more)
in Producteev
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