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Urgent - Producteev EOL? Apps no longer available   I am only seeing questions posted but not answered.  We are concerned and need to know if there is any timeline with this, especially now that I'm seeing the apps have gone away.  If coming to an end, how can we get an extract of our posts in the existing data as the export doesn't do well with… (Show more)
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Can anyone at Aurea tell me if there is a product roadmap for Producteev?
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I see various others have mentioned that the apps are missing. I have not seen a single answer/response to anyone about this and that it quite concerning. Our company was planning to move over to the premium version of your product but it's looking like I'll have to find someone else and move everything over again.   Does anyone from this… (Show more)
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Hi, the producteev app isn't available in the app store anymore.  I've heard producteev is near the end of its this true?  Is the pay product going away too?  I'd really like you guys to communicate with this thread.  There are a lot of businesses that depend on this product.  We need to be looking for something else if the product is… (Show more)
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This error started happening a couple weeks ago. It's not while uploading. It's when you click a file to preview it that this error shows. I'm not sure if other users are having same issue. No one has mentioned it.   This is only on the desktop version. I'm able to preview files on the mobile version.
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Perhaps I'm missing something, but my department is using Producteev to keep track of daily tasks, with reminders. It's clear that they are going to be appearing on weekends. Is there a setting to tell Producteev to set tasks/reminders for week days?
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All the apps are gone. Mac app, Android, iPhone, iPad. It says that the content has been removed from the store on my iPhone.   Is Producteev going to get the apps back up soon? Please let us know!
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Dear Sir /madam    Now I try to download mobile App for iphone.   However the App is unable.  it was shown " The item you've requested is not currently available in the US ( and Japan I also tryed)". Please tell me what do I do.   I am looking forward to hearing from you.
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I was testing producteev to find out whether it could be an appropriate tool for my company. I could not find the tasks' numbers. Is there any option to view these numbers?
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