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Whenever I add or edit a task, a red bar appears at the top of the page as if there were an error. However, no error message appears. If I refresh the page sometimes the changes have been made, sometimes they are lost. Help!
in Producteev
The following error shows up (red line with the error on top of the page)  Failed to load resource: the server responded with a status of 500 (Internal Server Error)   The error has been for weeks/months now this… (Show more)
in Producteev
Stuck, tried to logon using my old email and password, the password needs to be changed but I can't as I needed to update my email. Would really like to fix it so I don't lose all my work.
in Producteev
Hi,   We are using web version of producteev and facing issues on file attachment and adding a comments to the tasks.     Regards, M. Hassan
in Producteev
Hello !   Each time I want save something in Producteev (example : type a note here, mark all notifications as read...) I get an empty red alert, everything is freezed in the account.   See the attached screenshot.
in Producteev
I made sure gmail is not filtering producteev email. It may be sending email to an old address ( that no longer exists.
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Hi,   I want to export all of my tasks because producteev is discontinued but it never happens. I click on export tasks button and it says loading for a few seconds then nothing happens. Tried on all 3 different browsers but the results are the same.   Regards
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We can not receive e-mail from Producteev, including password reset email.  Can you please remove "" and "" from the bounce list, assuming that's cause.  Thank you.
in Producteev
My company have a free account, but in the last weeks we have many problem to use the producteev. Almost all actions in the system has errors, and we cannot test properly  the features.   What's happening?
in Producteev
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