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Producteev customers,


Following requests from those of you who did not receive our initial communication regarding Producteev's service discontinuation on April 9, we are turning the service back on from Friday, June 8 until Monday June 18. This should allow customers to access and download their data. At 5:00 p.m. Eastern on June 18, Producteev's status will officially and permanently be designated "end-of-life," at which point the product and its data will no longer be accessible or supported. Thanks for your patience.


For instructions:


Producteev Communications Team

All -


Producteev, part of the Jive portfolio, has been a valuable task management solution for small and medium sized teams. With Aurea’s acquisition of Jive, we are entirely focused on our go-forward vision: Jive becoming the gateway to a company’s people and knowledge. After careful consideration, we have made the decision to discontinue Producteev as of May 11th, 2018, and it will no longer be available for use.


Enabling end users to manage to-do lists and tasks and improve team productivity are native capabilities Jive needs to provide our customer base. These capabilities are core to achieving our vision of collaboration at any scale.


Producteev customers fall into one of three categories. The large majority of customers utilize the free version of Producteev and will have until May 11th, 2018 to continue to do so. For those who pay a monthly fee, we will stop charging immediately. The small number who have pre-paid for annual Producteev subscriptions will be contacted directly in the month of April to properly remedy each situation on a case-by-case basis.


Thank you for your loyalty to Producteev.


- Jonathan


6/8 Update:

Following requests from those of you who did not receive our initial communication regarding Producteev's service discontinuation on April 9, we are turning the service back on from Friday, June 8 until Monday June 18. This should allow customers to access and download their data. At 5:00 p.m. Eastern on June 18, Producteev's status will officially and permanently be designated "end-of-life," at which point the product and its data will no longer be accessible or supported. Thanks for your patience.

For instructions:

Producteev users,


The Producteev team recently learned that Producteev usernames and passwords could have been accessed by an unauthorized third party. Jive has taken immediate steps to remedy the issue and emailed all Producteev users from

Please follow the recommendations highlighted in the notification. Note that no other Jive products were impacted.


We regret any inconvenience this may cause our Producteev users.

If you have additional questions, please write to us at




Hello Producteev Community,


Firstly, thank you for using Producteev and being passionate supporters of it. It means a lot to those of us in the Jive products team where we work to shape the roadmap  based on your feedback.


Jive acquired Producteev with the vision that collaborative task management is a key tenant of workplace and team collaboration. We are still strongly grounded in that belief. At the same time, since the Producteev acquisition, there have been many changes in how technology is  consumed and our product plans had to adapt. Last year, we decided to stop offering the integration between Producteev and Jive-n. And most recently we've focused our efforts towards

  • delivering continued service and fix critical issues that impact current Producteev users, by partnering up with aric lasry, the co-founder of Producteev
  • while we define our strategic direction with Producteev


We fundamentally believe that task management in general and what Producteev offers today can be a key part of the future of our application portfolio. During the first half of 2016, you will be hearing more from us about this direction. One potential we want to explore is the connection between task management and real time team collaboration. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Do you use real time collaboration tools today in conjunction with Producteev?
  • How do you see the relationship of these two application areas?


Look forward to your comments.

Hello Producteev users,


I want to first thank you for your patience regarding the El Capitan issue in Producteev.  We have pinpointed the issue and are currently testing the fix in our development environment.


Our goal is to push a fix to the app store this week, and have the fix available to you sometime next week.  If this timing changes, I will be updating this space towards the end of the week.


Again, thank you for your patience on this.



Hello Producteev Users,


I would like start of with thanking you with your patience with Producteev as I know it has been a stressful few months.


I am happy to announce that we have partnered with the founder of Producteev, Aric Larsi, to help us support and develop the product.  Needless to say, Aric knows the product better than anyone else and will be a valuable resource going forward.


I will be working closely with him to triage and fix priority issues and build out a product roadmap.  We have also added the Jive support team to provide top line support.


Again, thank you for your patience on this and please let me know if there are any questions I can answer.





Wanted features

Posted by seline Oct 1, 2014

These are some of the features that I'd like to see in the future.



  • Be able to add several tasks to a milestone.
  • See progress of a milestone (e.g. 2/8 tasks done or 25% done).
  • See past, current and future milestones.


Project Status

  • Able to "close", "re-open", "pause", "resume" and "plan" projects.
  • Filter and/or hide/show projects by status. (e.g. only view currently open and planned projects)


Project Security Setting

  • Semi-secret: Projects where only project title and members can be seen, for example. No details.
  • Locked: Open to everyone to view but only selected users can contribute to the project.

After numerous requests, votes and inquiries, we are very excited to announce the release of new features for our web app: The long awaited calendar view plus new ways to sort and show task status. We've also implemented an announcement system (you'll see this when you open any of your installed Producteev apps) to keep you "in the know" when updates happen. Check it out!


Summary of new features!


Instead of just incomplete and complete status, you can now mark tasks as "in progress" or "paused."



Sort using a simplified menu with task count based on status and filters (people, project, label, or time period).




And toggle to calendar view with a simple click to see tasks due by month, week or day. Plus task details when you click on a task.




What's more - creating tasks has never been easier. All you have to do is click on the day you want the task completed, type it in and hit enter. Want to re-schedule a task? No problem! Just drag and drop the task to a new day to change the due date.




You can also toggle over to the activity feed in the same view control bar to look at an overview of changes made to tasks in that project.



And that's the overview! We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing how you like the new functionality.



The Producteev Team

I need to search for information relating to specific name or surname within notes. Has this feature been removed, or was it never functional?

Hello Producteev Mac-App Users!  We've just released an update to our Mac Desktop app.  There are more updates to come, however, this release includes many bug fixes and a couple new improvements. We're working to add a richer feature set in the coming months.


The update is available on the Mac App Store:

Mac App Store - Producteev by Jive - Task Management for Team


- New Filters (Active/Completed & I'm Following), sort option (Yes the ASC/DESC!!)
- Small UI Changes (Rounded Avatar, Sidebar color, some icons, Inactive Users...)
- Clicking on a Push Notification now opens the task in the app.
- Newly created tasks appear in the task list immediately, with a different background color


Bug Fixes:
- Double clicking on the task creation button doesn't create two duplicate tasks anymore
- Subtasks order is now the same than in every other Producteev app
- Error messages now leave the screen shortly after showing up
- Avatar upload

To further streamline your task management, Producteev provides a way to filter which projects are visible to you within your network.

Projects are an ideal way of organizing tasks across your team and now you can choose to list just those projects that you are involved in. All other projects created by your team members are still available to you via a drop-down menu.

Screen Shot 2014-01-23 at 2.37.27 PM.png

Producteev will automatically track which projects are relevant to you through your interaction with them. Any project that you have personally created is listed, along with those that contain tasks you follow or are assigned to. In the near future, you will also be able to explicitly follow or unfollow any project.

You spoke, we listened. You can now backup your projects by downloading the full history of tasks from Producteev. The CSV export of tasks include Title, Project, Network, Status, Priority, Label, Responsibles (individuals assigned to the task), Deadline, Subtasks, and Notes. The export will give you a complete look at all active and completed tasks.


There are two ways to export your tasks from Producteev.


Find the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the web app. Click and download your tasks as a CSV file.




The second option is to click on your user icon, go to Settings and find the Export tab.




The Producteev team has been hard at work this holiday season. The latest update to the Producteev web app features new task filters: "Active and Completed" and "Tasks I'm Following." Available now by clicking the drop-down menu in the tasks header, refresh the app and give these new filters a spin.


"Active and Completed" - This was a popular requested task filter that gives project managers a one-look view at what tasks have been completed and what tasks still need to be done.


Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams 2014-01-06 15-15-02.png


"Tasks I'm Following" - You now have an easy way to access all the tasks you are following! Previously users only be able to receive email updates on tasks they were following. This filter provides an additional view for better visibility and tracking.


Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams 2014-01-06 15-15-15.png


These helpful filters will be released for mobile in the next release.

Yesterday the team (special recognition to Senior Engineer Julien Rousseau for his work on this) released a new design for the task list as well as a few minor but definitely noticeable improvements to the Producteev UI. To summarize:


Assigned usersUp to 4 assignees can now be displayed in a row. A circle with the number of extra assignees will be displayed in the event that a task has more than 4 assigned users.
Project now displayed in taskThe task project is now displayed in the task list next to the assigned users. Clicking on the project title lets users move the task to another project right from within the task list.
Check boxes  vs.  Check boxes in the task list are now represented by circled rather than squares to avoid confusion with bulk selection check marks.
Task labelsvs. The labels are now accompanied by a colored icon
Tool tips


And finally, new help tooltips have been added in various locations. You can hover over certain actions to see what you can do.


These changes as well as a few minor UI updates are now available in the Producteev Jive integration as well. Producteev community, what do you think?

Good news, iPhone users!


The iOS 7 version of Producteev is now available on the App Store. On top of providing full iOS7 compatibility, this update is all about “I don’t know what they changed, but I’m glad they did it” (see before/after screenshots at the end of the post). You will immediately notice a color change with way less contrast (that’s Senior Engineer Julien Rousseau's magic touch).


We've also slimmed the font to make the app a little more clean and readable. You may also notice a simplified calendar/date picker tool which we will go into more depth about next time. The new look and feel of the app leads to a better experience and users can focus on getting things done. Many thanks to Producteev iPhone developer Jerome Miglino!








This update is also packed with tons of little changes, improvements and fixes. Since our launch in May, this is the biggest update we have released! If you don’t want to update to iOS 7, the app remains fully compatible with iOS 6.


Until next time!