Hi everyone,


Although migration from previous users to the new release is behind us, we still have a lot on our plate, as you can imagine. We haven't slowed down the pace of updates, and we won't stop anytime soon.


Bugs are being killed one by one, Some missing features are coming back, and we're also keeping up with the load to make sure the service runs as smoothly as possible.


Here's where we're at right now:



- Files are back, attached to your notes again. Migrating those files took longer than expected, but it's been over for 4 days now. FYI, some files didn't appear in the right order. This is a very limited issue though.

- Notifications are working fine by now. In case you haven't seen that settings page yet, go check it out : http://producteev.com/settings/notifications. You'll be able to select where do you want to get alerted once something happens on your Producteev account. If you want to get push notifications on iOS / Android, you need to log in to the apps once, to be able to see them show up on that page.

- Email to Task: Fixed and Back. The issue most of you have with it is that some of your emails set up with the previous version of Producteev got removed during the migration, please go here: http://producteev.com/settings/emails to set them up again.

- Natural Language Processing features have not been disabled, but some of the format we're using has changed, here it is : What's the syntax to quickly create a task?

- Sort by deadline : ascending / descending. This is fixed and deployed. You can now choose if you want your deadlines to be sorted in an ascending or descending order.

- A few other things behind the scenes.


TO BE FIXED ASAP (within the next 72 hours)

- Improve "Search" results

- Improve the "Bulk" capabilities.

- Remember the sort order when the page is refreshed

- The flow for "invites" needs to be more straightforward.

- Updates for Mac and iOS apps with a few bugs fixes (more on that when they go live)



COMING SOON (no ETA, just so you guys have a better idea of our priorities)

- Remove Networks

- Remove Members from Networks

- Move Projects between Networks including : Tasks, Labels, People and Notes. (Now it only moves Tasks)

- New filters: Assigned by me, Sort by Manager

- Natural Language Processing : Auto Completion added to the different apps.

- Set default project

- Clickable URLs in notes

- Activity Stream for Projects

- Print

- Export