Hi Everyone,


The last week has been full of improvements and bug corrections for Producteev. Here is the list of all the work accomplished and the bug fixed by the team over the past days:




  • Some of you couldn't connect with capitalized email addresses.
  • Some of you experienced a really annoying bug: a white screen after the login.



Usability Issues:

  • Some users couldn't erase a recurring attribute on a task.
  • Some users couldn't attach a file from dropbox.
  • The Webapp now saves your last selected network, filter and sort options.
  • We migrated the service to another DNS Provider. That sounds complicated but it means that you will experience a lot less downtimes.




  • It took days to rewrite the search algorithm and we are now proud to offer a you a better search experience.



Mac App:

An update has been sent to Apple, it should be live on the App Store soon (of course we'll let you know). This one includes :

  • Notifications in the notifications center, directly on your desktop and a badge on the icon.
  • We fixed the order of the notes.
  • You can now see your notifications in fullscreen mode.




  • The iPhone app saves your last selected network, filter and sort options.
  • Users authorizations are now more understandable for the user.



+ A lot of commits and minor updates pushed on the server on a daily basis.




Talk to you soon!