Dear users, we're glad to announce you that the Autocompletion has arrived on, and works with the regular NLP Syntax.


Screen Shot 2013-06-19 at 5.10.36 PM.png



How to use the NLP?


Either you are on the web, on iPhone, on Mac, on Android, by email or on a tablet you can use the following keywords to assign an attribute to a task during its creation :


!Deadline (!today, !tomorrow, !DayOfTheWeek, !nextweek, !nextmonth, !6 hours, !30 minutes


@Follower (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)

+Assignee (@FirstName LastName, LastName FirstName)




What's new with the autocompletion?


From now on you will never to have to remember the full name of a coworker, once you typed the corresponding symbol in the task creation field a drop down will appear. Click on your coworker  and you're done.




Is it web only?


Yes, for now this feature is only available on the web but we'll do our best to offer the autocompletion in all our apps soon.




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Thank you!