Hi Everyone,


Ismael, our Android specialist, worked hard over the past week to increase the performance of the app and to add the features and UI elements you missed the most.

We are proud to publish today our biggest Android update of the past months.





- The loading time and performances have been dramatically improved.



Revitalized tasks list:

- You can mark your tasks as done directly from the tasks list and the app main screen. No need to open the task detail panel anymore!

- You can order your tasks on Android by ascending or descending, and the last filter you used will be restored whenever you relaunch the app.



More task detail:

- Your subtasks are now in the same order on the web, iOS device, and Android device.

- Linked phone numbers, street addresses, and web addresses in your notes.




- Push notifications are now linked to your tasks: touch a notification and it opens the related task.

- Now Android 4.3 friendly.



Download the app today on the Google Play Store