Hi Everyone,


The summer is here but the Producteev team is still focusing on creating the best team task management on the market. As with all of our updates, the last iOS release has been cooked right under the Californian sun, and is full of new features.


2013-08-19 12.10.08.png



Notifications Improved:

- Tapping on a notification now displays the associated task, and mark this notification (and only this notification) as read.

- A new button in the navigation bar lets you mark all the notifications as read

- Attach your documents to your notes directly from your DropBox account

- Performance optimization: Producteev for iPhone uses less memory

- Re-order the subtasks by drag and drop, and find the same order on all your devices!

- The Task Details window open and close faster

- Know the status of a task in a blink. Deadline in the tasks list are now in red when the task is late and blue when the task is due today.



Major Bug Fixes:

- Fix the “shadow” / “clip” bug at launch

- Priority Star in task details was missing in some configurations

- Speed of “Alias” & “Sort By” display



Download the upload today on the App Store