Hello Producteev Mac-App Users!  We've just released an update to our Mac Desktop app.  There are more updates to come, however, this release includes many bug fixes and a couple new improvements. We're working to add a richer feature set in the coming months.


The update is available on the Mac App Store:

Mac App Store - Producteev by Jive - Task Management for Team


- New Filters (Active/Completed & I'm Following), sort option (Yes the ASC/DESC!!)
- Small UI Changes (Rounded Avatar, Sidebar color, some icons, Inactive Users...)
- Clicking on a Push Notification now opens the task in the app.
- Newly created tasks appear in the task list immediately, with a different background color


Bug Fixes:
- Double clicking on the task creation button doesn't create two duplicate tasks anymore
- Subtasks order is now the same than in every other Producteev app
- Error messages now leave the screen shortly after showing up
- Avatar upload