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1 Post authored by: John.Rizzo

As current, valued customers, you know that Producteev is working hard to be the top social task management app for teams. We aim to provide you with a tool that is both powerful and simple to use. Now that app is free for teams of any size, we would be happy to offer you a refund for a prior payment for the use of Producteev. A request for a refund can be sent to

Update on refund: We will refund amounts that remain on your subscription after May 1 2013.  For example if you signed up for Producteev last year and paid for a 2 year subscription we will refund amounts remaining on your subscription after May 1, 2013. So you will only pay for the time you've used Producteev since your first purchase but not beyond May 2013.

Several of you have also asked for an update on our migration. We really messed this one up. We're not happy about it, we know you aren't happy about it either. We are working around the clock to re-earn your trust. The vast majority of active users and Pro accounts are now setup on the new platform. Specifically, you should now be able to access all projects that you collaborate on with a team.  For individual projects, we are still working hard to migrate that content to the latest version, and we will continue to provide updates in this community on this process.


We are proud to have Producteev in the Jive family, and promise to get these issues resolved soon!