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1 Post authored by: dilshad.simons

Hello Producteev Community,


Firstly, thank you for using Producteev and being passionate supporters of it. It means a lot to those of us in the Jive products team where we work to shape the roadmap  based on your feedback.


Jive acquired Producteev with the vision that collaborative task management is a key tenant of workplace and team collaboration. We are still strongly grounded in that belief. At the same time, since the Producteev acquisition, there have been many changes in how technology is  consumed and our product plans had to adapt. Last year, we decided to stop offering the integration between Producteev and Jive-n. And most recently we've focused our efforts towards

  • delivering continued service and fix critical issues that impact current Producteev users, by partnering up with aric lasry, the co-founder of Producteev
  • while we define our strategic direction with Producteev


We fundamentally believe that task management in general and what Producteev offers today can be a key part of the future of our application portfolio. During the first half of 2016, you will be hearing more from us about this direction. One potential we want to explore is the connection between task management and real time team collaboration. We would love to hear your thoughts on this.

  • Do you use real time collaboration tools today in conjunction with Producteev?
  • How do you see the relationship of these two application areas?


Look forward to your comments.