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You spoke, we listened. You can now backup your projects by downloading the full history of tasks from Producteev. The CSV export of tasks include Title, Project, Network, Status, Priority, Label, Responsibles (individuals assigned to the task), Deadline, Subtasks, and Notes. The export will give you a complete look at all active and completed tasks.


There are two ways to export your tasks from Producteev.


Find the Export button in the upper right hand corner of the web app. Click and download your tasks as a CSV file.




The second option is to click on your user icon, go to Settings and find the Export tab.




The Producteev team has been hard at work this holiday season. The latest update to the Producteev web app features new task filters: "Active and Completed" and "Tasks I'm Following." Available now by clicking the drop-down menu in the tasks header, refresh the app and give these new filters a spin.


"Active and Completed" - This was a popular requested task filter that gives project managers a one-look view at what tasks have been completed and what tasks still need to be done.


Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams 2014-01-06 15-15-02.png


"Tasks I'm Following" - You now have an easy way to access all the tasks you are following! Previously users only be able to receive email updates on tasks they were following. This filter provides an additional view for better visibility and tracking.


Producteev by Jive - Task management for teams 2014-01-06 15-15-15.png


These helpful filters will be released for mobile in the next release.

Yesterday the team (special recognition to Senior Engineer Julien Rousseau for his work on this) released a new design for the task list as well as a few minor but definitely noticeable improvements to the Producteev UI. To summarize:


Assigned usersUp to 4 assignees can now be displayed in a row. A circle with the number of extra assignees will be displayed in the event that a task has more than 4 assigned users.
Project now displayed in taskThe task project is now displayed in the task list next to the assigned users. Clicking on the project title lets users move the task to another project right from within the task list.
Check boxes  vs.  Check boxes in the task list are now represented by circled rather than squares to avoid confusion with bulk selection check marks.
Task labelsvs. The labels are now accompanied by a colored icon
Tool tips


And finally, new help tooltips have been added in various locations. You can hover over certain actions to see what you can do.


These changes as well as a few minor UI updates are now available in the Producteev Jive integration as well. Producteev community, what do you think?

Good news, iPhone users!


The iOS 7 version of Producteev is now available on the App Store. On top of providing full iOS7 compatibility, this update is all about “I don’t know what they changed, but I’m glad they did it” (see before/after screenshots at the end of the post). You will immediately notice a color change with way less contrast (that’s Senior Engineer Julien Rousseau's magic touch).


We've also slimmed the font to make the app a little more clean and readable. You may also notice a simplified calendar/date picker tool which we will go into more depth about next time. The new look and feel of the app leads to a better experience and users can focus on getting things done. Many thanks to Producteev iPhone developer Jerome Miglino!








This update is also packed with tons of little changes, improvements and fixes. Since our launch in May, this is the biggest update we have released! If you don’t want to update to iOS 7, the app remains fully compatible with iOS 6.


Until next time!