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2 Posts authored by: Nick Church

After numerous requests, votes and inquiries, we are very excited to announce the release of new features for our web app: The long awaited calendar view plus new ways to sort and show task status. We've also implemented an announcement system (you'll see this when you open any of your installed Producteev apps) to keep you "in the know" when updates happen. Check it out!


Summary of new features!


Instead of just incomplete and complete status, you can now mark tasks as "in progress" or "paused."



Sort using a simplified menu with task count based on status and filters (people, project, label, or time period).




And toggle to calendar view with a simple click to see tasks due by month, week or day. Plus task details when you click on a task.




What's more - creating tasks has never been easier. All you have to do is click on the day you want the task completed, type it in and hit enter. Want to re-schedule a task? No problem! Just drag and drop the task to a new day to change the due date.




You can also toggle over to the activity feed in the same view control bar to look at an overview of changes made to tasks in that project.



And that's the overview! We hope you enjoy, and look forward to hearing how you like the new functionality.



The Producteev Team

Hello Producteev Mac-App Users!  We've just released an update to our Mac Desktop app.  There are more updates to come, however, this release includes many bug fixes and a couple new improvements. We're working to add a richer feature set in the coming months.


The update is available on the Mac App Store:

Mac App Store - Producteev by Jive - Task Management for Team


- New Filters (Active/Completed & I'm Following), sort option (Yes the ASC/DESC!!)
- Small UI Changes (Rounded Avatar, Sidebar color, some icons, Inactive Users...)
- Clicking on a Push Notification now opens the task in the app.
- Newly created tasks appear in the task list immediately, with a different background color


Bug Fixes:
- Double clicking on the task creation button doesn't create two duplicate tasks anymore
- Subtasks order is now the same than in every other Producteev app
- Error messages now leave the screen shortly after showing up
- Avatar upload