• All Producteev notifications (Web app, iOS app, email) stopped working. What do I do?

    All Producteev notifications (Web app, iOS app, email) stopped working. What do I do?
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  • "No application available for this action" (Producteev: please answer!)

    This has been asked several times in the past and nobody has answered it. It's really annoying as I love Producteev, and have no idea why the owners don't plug it more as nobody knows about it! I found out about Produ...
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  • Is it possible to assign the subtasks to somebody in the team?

    It's very helpful to assign the sub task of an activity to a specific member of the team and to see the same activity under the to do list of that team member
  • See all my tasks in all networks

    How can I see all my tasks across all networks like I can on the iPad app? On the iPad I can do this, but cannot find the same function on the webpage.   -A-
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  • 2 members in my Producteev network aren't able to view all of the history within a certain task.

    There are 2 admin members in my network called "L.A. Care (Communications)",  and their names are James Smith (jsmith2@lacare.org) and Hannibal Tabu (htabu@lacare.org). Within this network, there is a project cal...
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  • Some collegues stopped receiving notification mails about tasks

    Dear Producteev team, we are using producteev for a long time but suddenly some colleagues stopped been informed by mail, although the settings are correct.   Why is that happening?   I am the administra...
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  • How to remove a device from notifications.

    Is there a way to remove a device from the notifications grid in settings?  For example, I have two devices entries for my Android HTC Amaze that I want to remove (see PNG attachment).
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  • I added a new user as an admin but she still doesn't have access to all of the tasks I created under one of the projects I created

    Hi Producteev Team,   I hope all is well. I recently added a new user to Producteev in our L.A. Care (Communications) Network and she is experiencing an issue where she isn’t able to view all of the tasks....
    created by jramos
  • Confirmation Email Not Received

    Confirmation email for ahmed.bhatti@kausar.com.pk has not been received. Please check this and send. Thank you.
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  • Unable to reset password for Producteev.

    I have been trying to reset my password but I don't receive the email.
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  • unable to access my account

    hello, I already had an account but unfortunetly i am unable to access it.and i coulndt reach it by forget request.please help me to solve this problem.Many thanks
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  • Daylight saving bug in Australia

    For a few days either side of a daylight savings time change, the times displayed for tasks are incorrect by one hour. This has happened for the last couple of years. Applies to both app and web site.
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  • Don't receive new account verification email

    Crated a new account in producteev, created some projects, can add any task because it keeps asking for verification email that I'm not receiving even after several resend operations.   Regards Walter
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  • Reset password

    Hi I have these problems with two producteev users. They forgot the passwrod, then they reset it but don´t receive the email. Who can help us?   The emails are: yasmin.diaz@vigia.com.mx jose.diaz@vigia....
    created by jairguajardo
  • Producteev App for Android doesn't support "In Progress" task status.

    Why can't I set a task to "In Progress", or see that a task is "In Progress", from within my Producteev App for Android?
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  • disable auto join?

    Hello, does anyone know how to disable the auto join feature for networks?
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  • Problems in

    Hi May somebody help me, please? I reset the paswword, but we have not received the emails. The emails are: yasmin.diaz@vigia.com.mx jose.diaz@vigia.com.mx
    created by jairguajardo
  • Is there plan for calendar view in Producteev's mobile/desktop app?

    I enjoyed using Producteev web but can't seem to find calendar on its mobile/desktop app. Is there plan to add that feature?
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  • Can't retrieve password

    Hi guys   I've used the lost password feature (producteev) but I don't receive any e-mail. Probably because it has been bounced. E-mail addresses: marieke@dstore.be and stage_sec@dstore.be Is it possible to del...
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  • can not received forgot password email

    May you help me, please? I reset the password, but we have not received the emails. The emails are: yasmin.diaz@vigia.com.mx jose.diaz@vigia.com.mx
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