• I don't recieve any email notifications (tasks, due dates, etc) from producteev

    Hi,   I don't recieve any notification at all. I see in the "Notification Settings" tab ,in the settings option, that I don't have any email account registred, so I try to register my email account into the "Ema...
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  • total storage limit

    hello   i'd know that our total storage limit. Currently we are on free account and 11 people are using producteev in the same network. We are continuously adding and sending files but i have to know our total s...
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  • Disable Auto-Join for Our Organization's E-mail

    Good day Jive Works!   I would like to request to disable the auto-join feature for our organization's email address. A previous network was made but is no longer active. Also, that network was meant for a dif...
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  • My team is no longer receiving notification emails from Producteev tasks activity.

    Dear,   My team is no longer receiving notification emails from Producteev tasks activity. I have already checked from the spam folders, but the emails are not there as well.   The affected accounts are: ...
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  • producteev support

    Does producteev have a support phone number?
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  • A user of my network is not receiving password-reset emails, even in the spam folder.

    The user email is andre.araujo@osit-group.com.
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  • Password reset issue, unable to access Producteev

    Hello,   Our team, as many others, hasn't recieved the password reset links via email and we have gradually lost access to Producteev. Not a single one of us has been able to change their password and we cannot ...
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  • No receipt of verification email

    I signed up for a Producteev account yesterday but have been unable to receive my verification email. Asked the email admins to check and no trace of the incoming mail can be found - not in spam or junk or anywhere. ...
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  • I set up a network and another admin but she doesn't have access to all the projects, only one

    I have just started with Producteev. I set up a few networks, one of them specifically to coordinate info and to-do's with another collaborator. I set her email up and put her as admin as well as me on the whole netwo...
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  • I have invited someone and he's not showing up in people nor is he able to access the network I assigned him to

    I have invited someone ages ago to my network and put him as admin to the network. His email showed up briefly in my window, then disappeared. He didn't want to 'start' a network, he just wanted to join the one I invi...
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  • Private Project still in Projects but User has been removed from the Network

    Hi,   We have recently removed a user from our network, however their Private Folder is still showing in our Project list. Even as the admin of the Network I am unable to delete the project - "You don't have pe...
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  • Not able to log in for a week!

    Could you please answer to my quesiton about resetting the password that I asked two days ago? My works are still in the system of procuteev, and I haven't been able to sign in for week!
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  • Login and reset password issue

    Hi! I can't log in to my producteev profile. I asked for a reset password, but I never got the e-mail. Could you please help with this issue? Thank you in advance!
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  • Not receiving notification email since a few days

    Hi,   I noticed a few days ago that I no longer receive notification emails from Producteev regarding tasks. At first I thought that it's just a glitch and will get fixed by itself.   Anyone else having th...
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  • "Network was not found" at sign in

    When trying to sign in, one of our network users who - without having any problems - has been using the network for months, now keeps getting a red bar at the top of a blank page with "network was not found". This hap...
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  • Why, is the password reset issue not resolved yet?

    I haven’t had access to my account in over 2 months. Furthermore, I have even contacted you (producteev) regarding this issue, but my  inquiry was ignored.   Is this going to be resolved or do I n...
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  • I’m no longer receiving notification emails from Producteev tasks activity.

    I’m no longer receiving notification emails from Producteev tasks activity. My account is with faraz@golpik.com. I have checked from the account notifications settings and the boxes are ticked.     I...
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  • Unable to access Producteev - emails not working

    Hello.   I am not able to reset password within Producteev - I did not receive any email from you ... Is there an option to check what's wrong? Probably it's similar issue like with others (plenty of topics a...
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  • Resetting password issue

    Good afternoon, for the last couple of months after the clear password event on Producteev, our user ''cmalbert@gigatechsa-ht.com'' is not getting the reset password emails following the forgot password link, could yo...
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  • please get me off bounce list

    hi, how do i get off the bounce list so I can get my password reset for producteev? I have been trying for weeks to do this and unable to get incoming email about changing pw. mmartins@wsgc.com
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