• Producteev is no longer able to upload attachments. The loading sign continues to spin with no change. Is there a glitch in the program?

    Producteev is no longer able to upload attachments. The loading sign continues to spin with no change. Is there a glitch in the program?
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  • Producteev Down!

    As of 11:15am, our entire team is down. Unable to refresh the app or access any data.
    last modified by holidayatsea
  • El Capitan

    Producteev Mac App crashes within 30 seconds of opening after upgrading to Mac OSX El Capitan.
  • Producteev Crashing

    Since upgrading my Macbook Pro to El Capitan, Producteev has done nothing but crash. In order to continue using the app, I now have to log into the website. Any fixes being worked on?
    last modified by joshua.jm.lee
  • Copying projects from a template

    Is there a way to create a new project/event with fields already populated; lets say copied from an already made event so it's a template for the event you're creating?   Would be great if I could create a proj...
    last modified by lgoode
  • view all tasks across networks at once

    I know you can view all tasks within a given network, but to avoid going through each one, is there a way to view all tasks i'm assigned to across the multiple networks at once? 
    last modified by mike.schmidt
  • Will outlook intergration be relaunched for Producteev?

    Hi there,   I have only recently started using Producteev - as a the founding of a remotely managed team has required some tech intervention for task management. My choice of Producteev was fueled predominantly ...
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  • iOS push notifications stopped working (iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.2)

    iOS push notifications stopped working (iPhone 6, iOS 9.3.2). I turned push notifications for Producteev off and on again. I restarted the iPhone. I logged out and in again. I de- and re-installed the app. Nothin...
    created by nanga
  • Import a task list or create a template

    Is there a way to import a task list or create a template?  I have a recurring project and will need to recreate tasks lists on a frequent basis.
  • Producteev 2015 and beyond

    Hello Jive,   We are looking to make some real decisions going forward to deploy the best tasking system for our team.  We have stuck with Producteev thus far primarily because of our use of Jive.  And...
    last modified by kayla.ookla
  • Project template

    Can you copy a project or create a project template in Producteev?  If so, how do you do this? 
    last modified by melissa@netdirector.biz
  • Switch the calendar view from Monday start to Sunday start?

    Is there a way to switch the calendar from a Monday start to a Sunday start? If not, can you make that an option?
    last modified by kmichwood
  • Copying projects/tasks

    Is there a way to copy a project and its tasks or duplicate a copy and its tasks to work off of?
    last modified by ecorrea
  • Recurring tasks being "closed"

    My team is having an issue with random recurring tasks closing themselves once the task has been marked completed. We use Producteev to track when to invoice our clients and make various time-sensitive payments.  ...
    last modified by mmanzano
  • How do I set pop-up notifications?

    Hello! Is it possible to configure pop-up notifications in producteev? And how I can do this?
    last modified by sveta.i.m
  • Can I view tasks across networks

    hi, I'd really live to view my tasks across the networks I will have set up, I noticed a question regarding this functionality several years ago and the anwser was it was 'on the roadmap', has that changed?
    last modified by martijnk
  • External Calendar integration coming soon?

    We're still waiting for the external Calendar integration with Google Calendar or Mac Calendar. I've seen posts about this from a couple of months ago about the integration and am wondering will it happen anytime soo...
    last modified by ericccl
  • Recurring tasks auto-completing

    Echoing the same concerns for the auto-completion of recurring tasks. I'm losing so much productivity time in having to go over each task individually to remember if I've completed the task or not. This is a huge prob...
    last modified by katrina.holland
  • No Producteev account in Add Accounts for Jive for Outlook

    I would like to add my Producteev account to my Jive for Outlook. The documentation implies that there should be a way to add a Producteev account to Jive for Outlook, however this is not an option for me. What gives?
    created by mikearef
  • can't upload files on firefox 49 or latest internet explorer

    Firefox halts at loading status and never uploads, internet explorer asks me where to save file i don't know why. Only our OSX clients can upload with Safari but our only option on Windows is Firefox or IE. It was fin...
    last modified by fahri.uzun