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Retail Solutions (ARS) Community is the place to connect with other ARS customers, peers, and the Aurea ARS team to share best practices, ask questions and get information about ARS. This place is a part of the larger community called AureaWorks. To learn more about the AureaWorks community, check out Welcome to AureaWorks!


As the Aurea ARS team starts to post more content, we encourage you to engage and interact with the team through comments, questions and sharing your own tips and tricks you have discovered. To make sure you get these updates, make sure to follow the Retail Solutions (ARS) Community by clicking on Follow in the top right corner of your screen and checkmarking the box that says inbox. Interested in other products or places? Check out our comprehensive list of places available to you in AureaWorks: Comprehensive Guide to AureaWorks Places.


We would also like to invite you to join  Retail Solutions Customer Hub which is a private area just for Retail Solutions customers to get product-specific news and updates. Looking for more general company news and updates? Visit Aurea Customer Hub which is open to all Aurea customers.


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