What is Delegate Access?

Delegate Access is an optional Add-On available from Jive PS that allows a select group of users to create and collaborate on content to be "ghost authored" under another user when published. This allows public relations and executive support teams to author under a community shared persona, or post as an executive.


See Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ for more details.


What's Changing?


           In certain error conditions, appointee author added as a member to the ghost content group

Resolved: Additional error handling to ensure expected permissions maintained through error condition. (JIRA: BOO-89)


         Unable to "Publish Updates" to delegate posted content

Resolved: Re-enabled publishing updates for edited content on all content types that support the feature.

*Note: A core Jive restriction currently exists that prevents Event content from using the "Publish Updates" feature. (JIRA: BOO-90)



     The deploy is scheduled for August 24th at 4pm PST.


How will this affect my community?

We are updating a middleware service, this will not impact any community. No downtime is required. Delegate Access posting will be down briefly after 4:00 PM Pacific, August 24th, while the new features are added.