What is Delegate Access?

Delegate Access is an optional Add-On available from Jive PS that allows a select group of users to create and collaborate on content to be "ghost authored" under another user when published. This allows public relations and executive support teams to author under a community shared persona, or post as an executive.


See Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ for more details.


What's Changing?


Enhanced Audit Logging Revision

Made adjustments to the format and content of the audit log tied to delegate access usage.  Described in detail here: Delegate Access Enhanced Audit Logging Revision  (JIRA: BOO-94)



The deploy is scheduled for August 30th at 4:45pm PST.


How will this affect my community?

We are updating a middleware service, this will not impact any community. No downtime is required. Delegate Access posting will be down briefly after 4:00 PM Pacific, August 24th, while the new features are added.