What is Delegate Access?

Delegate Access is an optional Add-On available from Jive PS that allows a select group of users to create and collaborate on content to be "ghost authored" under another user when published. This allows public relations and executive support teams to author under a community shared persona, or post as an executive.

See Delegate Access (Ghost Blog) FAQ for more details.


What's Changing?


Bug Fixes

  • Some edge case user feedback messages being lost. (BOO-100)
  • Intermittent error message and invalid date message when scheduling blogs in IE. (BOO-103)
  • Poll options not being updated through delegate access. (BOO-104)
  • Events not editable after delegate posting. (BOO-105)


How will this affect my community?

We are updating a middleware service, this will not impact any community. No downtime is required. Delegate Access posting will be down briefly after 1:30PM Pacific, October 13th, while the updated software is deployed.