• Issue with installing latest version on jive on centos7 and jive setup

    Hello   I have an issue with installing the latest version of jive on centos 7 the following error is observed when running rpm -Uhv jive_sbs_employee- :   Migrating Java keystore t...
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    created by stanislavp
  • Aurea CRM Demo offline?

    Dear Sirs and Madames, is currently the complete Aurea CRM Demo Environment Offline? Yours sincerely Mathias Voerster
  • Email Signature Wizard isn't generating E-mails to specific end-user

    When generating an E-mail signature through the 'Email Signature Wizard' addon, no E-mail is received--after clicking 'Email me my signature.'   The Hub ticket: https://thehub.thomsonreuters.com/thread/235147 &#...
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    created by amine.bousnina
  • Third party tile load times slow

    The load time for the third party TemboSocial polls and surveys tool and the recognition tool are slow.   For example, the poll takes over 7 seconds to fully load. I've already had discussions about this with Tem...
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    last modified by kswallow
  • Is it possible to recover a deleted group

    Hi,   A group in our community was accidentally deleted last week (referencing Recover a deleted group ). Is it possible to pay a one time fee to have this group recovered? Or at the very least, have it's conte...
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    last modified by klangdon@redhat.com
  • Creating a Survey Form in Jive

    We'd like to have the ability to survey employees within our instance of jive, similar to the functionality that you'd see with Survey Monkey or Google Forms.     We've seen that you can ask questions...
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    last modified by dominiquegillyard
  • Jive Daily Customization

    We would like to customize the following on Jive Daily features but don't have a dedicate team with knowledge on this area.   App Icon Login screen image Login screen background image Default community URL ...
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    last modified by lexsd
  • Ghost Blog plugin

    BK is using the Ghost blog plugin currently. They have a recent content widget on the home page pulling only blog posts, but for some reason it is pulling in yet to be published blogs created using the ghost blog feat...
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    last modified by Mat Wojdyla