As you know, it’s part of our business model to regularly acquire software companies. And each time we buy a new company, we add their software titles to our Aurea Prime program — giving customers like you the chance to use millions of dollars in enterprise software for free. It’s a powerful way to create integrated solutions for your organization, without adding significant cost. In this blog post, I’ll focus on one combination of Aurea Prime products that customers are using with great success: Aurea CRM, Jive, and CX Process.


Naturally, the people working in your organization — and the knowledge they have — are important assets in your organization. During the implementation of your ACRM software, you created a platform on which your customer facing teams store a lot of valuable data regarding your customers. Basically, this platform makes it easier for your people to work together with customers, storing all the customer knowledge they acquire, and make it available to everyone across your organization.


At the same time, there is much more knowledge than just the data from customers. There is knowledge on the products and services you offer to customers, and knowledge around infrastructure, facilities, legal, human resources, and more. Jive (available with Aurea Prime) is the ideal platform to facilitate storage of this knowledge, and to facilitate greater collaboration among your employees. It’s a state-of-the-art social intranet and collaboration platform that allows you to collaborate on documentation, start discussions, and serve as a central hub for all kinds of resources — from ERP systems to core banking and finance systems and beyond.


At Aurea Professional Services, we offer standard, out of the box integrations between Aurea CRM and Jive, so you can create a ton of powerful use cases — like responding faster and more accurately to customer inquiries that hit your ACRM system, work together on a bid or sharing and collaborating on creative material of a marketing campaign.


Once you’re properly capturing knowledge and using it to drive collaboration, you also need the right processes to ensure you’re complying with laws and regulations (like GDPR), as well as managing risks and delivering the right quality. To implement these processes and delegate the management of these processes to the right stakeholders in the organisation, it is a good idea to implement a Business Process Management (BPM) tool.


The effectivity of BPM is dramatically improved if integrated into the two aforementioned platforms. When BPM is integrated into your CRM solution, customer requests or other events in your CRM solution can trigger processes within the BPM environment. For non-customer facing members in your team, the social intranet/collaboration platform can be the hub to access these processes and provide input.


Aurea is the only vendor who has a great CRM solution in its portfolio and combines this with a state of the art social intranet/collaboration platform and a modern BPM solution. These software products are very important building blocks for your solution. Your advantage is that all these solutions are from the same vendor, with standard integration use cases, and you can make use of these solutions with limited costs using the Prime program!


Another interesting document on this topic is this White Paper.


Please do not hesitate to contact us to discuss what we can do to create the ideal, tailor made solution for you!












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