Aurea CRM Accelerators are small packages of services that address very specific issues with your ACRM implementation. For example, an Exchange connector may not be behaving or performing as expected, you may need to set up an SAP integration, or you may need training for your internal team members. All of these issues and more can be addressed with Aurea CRM Accelerators.


The Aurea Professional Services team offers Aurea CRM Accelerators in three different categories: Integration Accelerators, Application Performance Tuning, and Training and Enablement.


Integration Accelerators

  • Managed Interfaces
    • Implements new interfaces or updates existing interfaces to support real-time needs and improve interface reliability 
    • Provides advanced monitoring
    • Enables real-time visibility across all customer data and integrations
  • Collaboration
    • Integrates Jive into Aurea CRM, so you can create a new discussion or contribute to a group with a single mouse click within Aurea CRM
    • Ideal for sales teams who need to collaborate on a tender, marketing teams who want to share files for a marketing campaign, support organizations who want to resolve customer-reported complaints/tickets by uncovering the knowledge of experts within the organization, and many more use cases
    • For more details about the Aurea CRM Collaboration Accelerator, read the white paper on Collaboration.
  • Connector Configuration
    • Assists with the implementation of a new or update of an existing CRM connector for Exchange or Domino
    • Increases performance, speed, and overall stability of the CRM connector
  • SAP Connector
    • Establishes a connection to SAP to capture and integrate SAP data in real time
    • Allows you to create a 360-degree view of your customer in Aurea CRM
    • For more details, read the white paper on our SAP Connector.
  • Customer Portal
    • Seamlessly integrates Jive with Aurea CRM for borderless communities, such as customer support and customer self-service
    • Optimizes customer engagement and improves customer experience
  • Lead Nurturing
    • Delivers integrated lead nurturing capabilities between Aurea CRM and your Aurea email marketing system
    • Includes ongoing integration support


Application Performance Tuning

  • Performance Tuning
    • Delivers a configuration analysis, index creation, and query optimization
    • Increases overall system performance and speed
  • Move to Cloud
    • Migrates your existing on-premise Aurea CRM solution to the Cloud
    • Delivers improved reliability, performance, and security, along with managed services access to new releases and functionality
  • Data Hygiene
    • Improves data consistency and quality through removal of duplicate data and delivery of a data hygiene analysis
    • Helps ensure accurate marketing data for the best marketing results


Training and Enablement

  • Small Group Training
    • Delivers targeted, on-site training to address specific business and operational needs
    • Training sessions may focus on administration, development, workflow, connector, process, or customized requirements.


Aurea CRM Accelerators help you achieve optimized, targeted value from your ACRM implementation. For more information, contact your account manager.





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