Aurea has developed this package to assist you in gaining additional ROI with your ACRM implementation by increasing adoption and/or the number of implemented use cases.


What do you get?

Together, we will perform an Annual Maturity Assessment to determine usage (user acceptance, user satisfaction), adoption (feature adoption and overall adoption of the solution throughout your organization), and tech health of your ACRM implementation to provide a better experience to your customers. For more information on Maturity Assessments, please review this page.


In addition, we’ll perform quarterly reviews to determine if adoption and usage are developing in the right direction. Each quarter, we’ll also design the features (including on-site workshops) to deliver against the roadmap created during your Annual Value Assessment. Finally, we’ll implement new features (like opportunity management, campaign management, lead nurturing, etc.) and ACRM components (like marketing automation, mobile CRM, and connectors for groupware like Exchange, Domino, Google). Through a quarterly deployment, we will release the changes required to drive adoption. More information on this package is in the White Paper.


Are there any limitations?

This package does not include the implementation of other Aurea products like Jive, CXMessenger, CXProcess and CXMonitor  While you can use many of these programs for free as part of our Prime program, please refer to the New Launch packages for Jive, CXMessenger, CXProcess and CXMonitor for implementation details.






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