The Aurea CRM New Launch Package is designed to support you with implementing your new ACRM system. ACRM is extremely flexible software that can be configured to your unique needs. Therefore, the success of CRM software in your organization is completely dependent on the quality of the implementation. At Aurea, we’ve captured our enormous amount of experience implementing CRM software in the unique Aurea Services Methodology that all our Project Managers and Experts have been trained around. This methodology is a prescriptive, cost-effective way to implement ACRM in any organisation.


More than 70% of CRM implementations fail. Be sure you get it right with our unique methodology!


Reasons for CRM failures

Aurea Services Methodology

Lack of Clear goals

Clear goal setting during the Target & Scope Assessment.

Leaders fail to involve end users

Includes  both senior leaders and leaders of the specific teams who will use the ACRM system.

No involvement from an executive sponsor

Sets clear goals regarding the implementation with an executive sponsor. Throughout  the implementation we continue to measure and report against these goals.

Data quality issues

Master Data Management and Data Hygiene measures can be established to ensure you have the highest quality data in your ACRM system.

IT and Business are not equally involved

We work extensively with IT (including technical assessments during integration) and members of your business teams (defining processes, etc.)



What do you get?

With the Aurea CRM New Launch Package, you get much more than just a one-time CRM implementation. You get a fully installed, ready to use ACRM system including reporting and data integration, plus custom configuration.


The package is designed to ensure your CRM implementation can change easily as your organization and processes do. We not only perform the initial implementation, but also continue to implement your future requirements. Need help defining a roadmap during the years following the implementation? Please take a look as well at our Adoption Services package to help you drive adoption within your organisation and ensure your investment will have a great ROI.


What functionality is included in the package?

The New Launch Package consists of three modules: Sales, Marketing and Services. The Sales Module contains all use cases within the Sales Module, one report and one data interface. The same is true for the Marketing and Services modules. The different modules can be stacked. For example: you can decide to implement two modules: Sales and Services. In this case you can get all desired use cases within the Sales and Services modules and two data interfaces and two reports.


Just a few of our extensive list of standard, ready-to-use use cases include:






Lead Management

        Opportunity Management      

Offer Management

Order Management

Campaign Management

Event Management

Aurea Campaign Manager Integration

Lead Nurturing

Complaint Management

Service Level Management

      Installed Base Management     

Knowledge Base




For a more detailed description of our methodology, and how we ensure that all your requirements are realized, please read this White Paper.



Contract period

Each contract covers three years. After the initial implementation, we will perform an annual enhancement to implement changes required to continue to drive success of the ACRM solution within your organisation.





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