Jive Users,


Bob Brown, SVP of Client Services at Jive, nice to meet you virtually if I haven’t done so in person.  I am responsible for all of the post sales functions at Jive (Services, Support, Hosting, Education, Alliances). 


I wanted to reach out and ask for your assistance with the quality of the Support we provide for you.  One of our top priorities within Support is to have as many of our cases to be shared publicly as possible.  This has many benefits for you and Jive.  Just to share a few:


  • Have questions answered faster by the community itself
  • Increase context around issues
  • Discover potential work arounds or alternatives others have implemented
  • Connect with your peers to share knowledge, experience, lessons learned around specific issues


We will take all the necessary steps to ensure privacy, anonymity, etc so that the content that is helpful is shared and the sensitive information kept that way. If there is information that you would like taken out of your case in order to make it public, just let the Support Engineer know.  If you decide that you would like a public case to be changed to private, it’s simply the change of a button.


One of the Support Engineers posted on it previously with regards to how you do it and how it works:


Is there anything else we can do in order to make this something you would be willing to help with?  If so, just reply to this post.


Thanks in advance,