We have made a couple of changes to our support policy that I want to make sure you are aware of. These may help you as you shape your SBS upgrade planning.


End-of-Life for Jive SBS (Clearspace) 2.5.x

We recently made a change to our support policy. We have extended the support period to two years from the initial release of the product. (Previously the policy was to stop support of a product 12 months after the next major product release; based on customer feedback we extended it.)


In keeping with that policy, we have extended support for Jive SBS (Clearspace) 2.5.x until September 1, 2010. After September 1, 2010, we will no longer fix defects on the 2.5.x platform. Support for SBS 3.0 has been extended to March 16, 2011 and SBS 4.0 until October 31, 2011.


End-of-Life for Internet Explorer 6

In order to provide the best platform for continued innovation, Jive will phase out support for Internet Explorer 6 later this year.


What is changing?


Fall 2010

In our Fall 2010 release (AKA 5.0), we will discontinue IE6 support entirely.  We initially were going to try and support legacy features in IE6, but as we have dug deepr into our plans, we clearly see that the sort of innovation we are bringing to market just does not make that endeavor a realistic possibility.  This means that any feature, theme, module, etc. from the Fall 2010 release forward will not be QA tested for IE6 or have IE6 support.


What about prior releases of SBS?

All releases prior to the 2010 Fall release, such as 3.0/4.0/4.5, will continue to support IE6 for the duration of their two-year support lifecycle.


Why is Jive doing this?


IE6, initially released in 2001, is no longer supported by Microsoft and lacks support for key technologies that serve as the basis for modern, rich Internet applications customers like you have come to expect. In their recent releases, Microsoft, Google and many other companies have dropped support for IE6 due to it being an obsolete, non-standard browser.


By discontinuing support for IE6, Jive can take advantage of Web standards that IE6 doesn’t support. These technologies will help us introduce new innovation that is more powerful and easier-to-use than ever before.


If you have questions about these changes, let us know.


-Kevin Williams


P.S. If you are in Denver on March 4th, we hear there is going to be a rip-roaring funeral for IE6. Who said funerals can’t be fun?