We are currently experiencing a delay with the Business Objects data transfer process. The data seems to be flowing correctly from Jive to SAP, but the ETLs which finalize data to be presented in Business Objects are delayed by 1-2 days. The net result of this is that Business Objects users may not see the latest data loaded in the tool.


Jive engineers have identified the source of the problem and are working with the vendor to expedite resolution. We'll post more updates when we have more information.


Update (4:30pm PST): Our engineering team is working with SAP to implement the solution to this issue.  In the meanwhile, we have slowed down our data transfer schedule as a work-around to the problem that was stopping data transfer.  Data is transferring successfully, but it may be slow to catch up.  Once we resolve the issue, we will speed the data transfer process back up to the normal rate. 


Update 10/4: We are still experiencing a delay transferring Business Objects data.  This morning, we have disabled the data transfer schedule to make changes that should remedy a problem we identified.  I will update again when the schedule is re-enabled.  Thank you for your patience.


Update 10/4 (11:30am PST): SAP finished making the changes and re-enabled the data transfer schedule.  We still have the schedule running more slowly than usual, so data may remain backlogged.  We will monitor to ensure that our fix does correct the issue that we have been seeing this week.  When we confirm this, we will increase the data transfer schedule to its regular rate.


Update 10/4 (4pm PST): The fix we implemented this morning appears successful.  The data transfer process has been running smoothly for the rest of the day.  If we continue to transfer data with no issues, we will speed up the data transfer process to its regular rate.  Data may take a few days to catch up from the delay this week. We appreciate your continued patience.


Update 10/5:  The data transfer process is running normally.  The majority of data is now caught up.  If you are still seeing issues with data transferring, please open a support case.