This morning, Jive discovered that the data transfer process from Jive analytics databases to SAP has been delayed.  Additionally, Business Objects reports will not currently refresh.


We are working with SAP to resolve this.  Please track this post for more information; we will post updates as they are available.  We apologize for the inconvenience.


Update 11:22 am PST:  The backed up ETL tasks were blocking access to the SAP database.  Their DBA has killed the problem tasks.  Now, many queries that were hanging are beginning to run again.  Because these other queries have backed up, the system may still be running more slowly than usual.  We will update again later today.


Update 1:33 pm PST:  The ETL data transfer process is now up and running.  It may take some extra time for the backed up data to transfer to the SAP database.  Reports are now loading more quickly.  This appears to be resolved, thanks for your patience.